NFL Player Calls Out Fake News: 'I Get People Flat Out Don't Like Trump. But What I Hate More Is ...'


Green Bay Packer offensive tackle David Bakhtiari challenged the left-wing establishment media for a second time in a week on Monday when he called on journalists to stop “withholding the truth” from people.

This time, his target was CNN and other outlets that let their hatred for former President Donald Trump get in the way of providing the public with facts.

The New York Post reported former CNN CEO Jeff Zucker instructed network staffers to stay away from commenting on the probability the COVID pandemic began after the virus escaped a lab in China.

According to a source the Post described as close to CNN, Zucker had called any notion the virus escaped the Wuhan Lab of Virology a “Trump talking point” during the early days of the pandemic.

Since CNN’s former boss reportedly handed down an order to steer reporting away from the lab leak theory, we’ve learned some government officials believe the lab was a likely source of the virus.

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The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the Department of Energy concluded the lab was “most likely” the culprit of the pandemic.

The department made the judgment on the lab leak theory with “low confidence” after reviewing new classified evidence, according to the report.

Did you think the lab leak theory of the COVID-19 pandemic was likely?

Bakhtiari shared the Post’s reporting about Zucker and commented, “Come on. I get people flat out don’t like Trump. But what I hate more is withholding the truth from the people.”

He concluded, “YOU ARE THE NEWS! Be THE NEWS!!”

The outspoken player hit the nail on the head. Americans don’t trust the media to tell them the truth, and CNN is paying for it with historically low ratings.

He’s definitely on a roll.

Bakhtiari defended his teammate Aaron Rodgers last week after late-night far-left talking head Jimmy Kimmel implied anyone who might be interested in seeing Jeffrey Epstein’s list of clients is a “tinfoil-hatter.”

Marco Rubio Turns the Tables When 'Meet the Press' Anchor Tries to Trap Him with a 'Gotcha' Question

Rodgers told radio host Pat McAfee last week he felt the timing of unidentified objects that were shot down over the continent last week was “interesting.”

Kimmel said of Rodgers, “It might be time to revisit that concussion protocol.”

Rodgers is known for his eccentric nature, but many of his views and opinions are anything but fringe.

Bakhtiari shared Kimmel’s clip and commented, “Tell me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list, without telling me you’re on the Jeffrey Epstein client list….”

Rodgers has spent his entire NFL career in Green Bay and is in the process of deciding whether to play another season in the NFL.

There is also the possibility he might be headed somewhere else.

But with an intelligent teammate like Bakhtiari, who has his back on and off the field, why would Rodgers consider going anywhere else?

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