North Korean Defector Says She Was Labeled Racist After Defending Herself from Violent Attack in Chicago


America has been a shining city on a hill for so many years, but as we increasingly cater to “woke” subjugators, that much is subject to change.

It seems like everything is considered “racist” nowadays: From sleep, Cracker Barrel’s logo and niceness to even SpongeBob SquarePants (yes, really), it seems like nothing is safe from being slapped with the label.

Yeonmi Park found that out the hard way after she was allegedly advised to forego calling the police on three black women who mugged her in front of Saks Fifth Avenue store along Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” last year.

It would be a “racist” thing to do, after all.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, Park alleges that white bystanders at the incident were to blame for the ridiculous notion.

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These bystanders “encouraged her to run” and “were hostile to her when she tried to call the police.”

It’s a ridiculous notion no matter how you slice it. Clearly, calling the police on these three assailants would have nothing to do with race and everything to do with crime.

After all, it was their alleged actions that placed them in hot water. But to “woke” perpetrators, the narrative is scarcely logical, if ever.

“Anybody can become a murderer or a thief, but it just happened to be a black woman,” Park said about the incident.

Do you think wokeness gives a criminals a free pass?

She said that, after one of the three suspects took her wallet, she grabbed onto the thief’s arm, attempting to keep her in the area as she tried to call the police.

That’s when the real insanity started — and the victim was suddenly “at fault” for doing what anyone should have done.

The incident allegedly happened during last summer’s waves of riots and looting that took major U.S. cities by storm — including the Windy City.

At the time, racial tensions flared and have yet to completely die down. Cops were demonized as inherently racist watchmen and, in many cases, were attacked on our streets.

So it’s no surprise people would have taken exception to inviting police to the scene after adopting such “wokeness.”

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Park is no stranger to adversity, however. The North Korean defector fled a totalitarian regime at the age of 13 and, alongside her mother, was sold into slavery by human traffickers shortly after.

Now she’s in the crosshairs of the “woke” community for her allegations surrounding the experience.

Imagine escaping the horrors of North Korea to come to America — only to be admonished for allegedly being the victim of a crime here.

“That’s when I was thinking, ‘This country lost it,'” she said during her appearance on comedian Joe Rogan’s podcast.

She alleged that, if a similar incident had taken place in North Korea, bystanders there “would help the victim,” according to the Daily Mail report.

“They’re not going to just, out of nowhere, scream, ‘You’re a racist,'” she said.

Indeed, it’s sad to see what this country is becoming. It’s the opposite of the dream behind the Civil Rights movement, which begged us to consider the content of someone’s character rather than the color of their skin.

Fifty-seven years later, that’s still a good rule of thumb, and it would’ve made race irrelevant in this suspect’s poor display of character.

Fortunately, this crime didn’t go entirely unanswered.

Despite Park’s claims that police obtained footage of the incident but failed to prosecute the suspects, police did, in fact, arrest 29-year-old Lecretia Harris “in connection with the incident,” according to the Daily Mail. After striking a plea agreement, she was sentenced to two years in prison.

Park has been outspoken against “wokeism” in the U.S., saying it’s reminiscent of what she saw in North Korea.

Let that be a lesson to us all.

“Woke” games are nothing more than a ploy to brainwash an entire generation into thinking the past dictates their present and future. Are we really going to let academics and elected officials determine the narrative that will dictate every aspect of our lives?

That doesn’t settle well with me, and I’m sure it doesn’t settle well with others either.

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