Old-School Democrat Launches Viral Ad Skewering His Party, Schumer, Leaders


The Democratic Party of today has become so radical that some old-school Democrats no longer can support their party’s leaders.

One longtime Democratic legislator is standing up against his own party in a pretty hilarious way.

Democratic New York state Assemblyman Dov Hikind posted a satirical video to his Twitter on Thursday.

In it, he vents his frustrations with those in his party, specifically Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a fellow New Yorker.

“Dear Senator @chuckschumer, I received your request(s)” for donations, Hikind tweeted. “Our party has lost its way. The answer is NO!”

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The video shows Hikind being bombarded with fundraising letters from Schumer. It follows as days pass and Hikind is sent requests for donations again and again.

When his wife gives him yet another letter from Schumer, Hikind erupts in frustration, emphasized by cartoony words on the screen: “They stand with Louis Farrakhan! Elevate Keith Ellison! Espouse socialism! Promote Linda Sarsour! Back the racist BDS!”

Do you think radical leftism is alienating old-school Democrats?

The video continues with a montage of Hikind at his table as the offending letters continue to pile up.

It finishes with a bang, stating, “Dear Senator Schumer: Today’s Democratic Party does not deserve our support!”

It’s not the first time Hikind has spoken up against his party or Schumer. In July, he wrote a Facebook post calling out Schumer for his criticism of President Donald Trump.

“You ask for a contribution, but the Democratic Party — which I am a lifelong member of — is currently betraying the ideals that our party once stood for: American values,” Hikind said.

“Senator Schumer, as a fellow Democrat, I ask you to work to restore sanity and honesty to our party so I can feel good about supporting it fully. Until then, I’m afraid the Republicans have my support,” he continued.

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In the aftermath of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh that killed 11 people, Hikind has also broken from his party by speaking out in favor of carrying guns in places of worship, calling it unfortunate but necessary in these days.

It turns out not everyone is on board with the Democratic Party’s increasingly radical ideology.

When Democrats openly back raging anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and his supporters, it’s no wonder they’re alienating strong members of their own party.

Kudos to Hikind for speaking out against the insanity in his party and for wanting no part of it. Let’s hope others follow his lead as the Democrats march further and further to the left.

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