One of Hollywood's Top Stars Fulfills Dream to Sing about Jesus with Gospel Choir


Car thief, murderous convict, member of the mafia, and a law-breaking extreme sportsman. He’s been well-known for his portrayal of bad boys on the silver screen.

But there is more to Mark Sinclair, most commonly known by his stage name Vin Diesel, than playing the bad boy or even acting. Diesel loves to sing.

He’s shown off his passion for music with “his emotional renditions of ‘See You Again’ honoring Paul Walker and his sweet karaoke sessions of Maroon 5 and Tove Lo jams,” according to MTV.

But the man who some would say has it all had an unfulfilled wish that held deep meaning for him.

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The Christian Post wrote that in April 2016 while working on “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” Diesel explained how the 13-member Sharon Riley and the Faith Chorale ended up in the film with him.

“We are filming a scene in a church and I had a dream that the film would include a choir and we went through thousands of choirs and selected which choir would be in the movie,” he said.

But that isn’t all that choir member Trinity Lewis captured on video. Diesel went on to talk about his unfulfilled dream: “I just wanted to say that a dream of mine always, has been to have the confidence to sing in a choir.

“Although my grandmother would take me to the choir every weekend, I never had that little bit of confidence to get up there and sing.”

He added that he had a plan to fix the problem. “So since I’m in a circle of love with Sharon Riley and the Faith Chorale, I am going to attempt what I thought was not possible.” Then he and the choir sang “Oh Happy Day,” with Diesel belting out the lyrics for all he was worth.

According to CTV News, the “Toronto-based gospel choir” had no idea, in advance, that Diesel wanted to sing with them.

Choir manager Llyod Lawrence shared what the entire “awesome” experience was like for them: “It was a very professional and loving atmosphere, so it was cool.”

This was not the first time the choir had rubbed elbows with celebrities or been seen in a movie. The choir, recipient of a Juno award, had also been in the “Blues Brothers” sequel titled “Blues Brothers 2000.”

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The video of Diesel singing with the choir was posted to Facebook, but the original post from Trinity Lewis in no longer publicly available. The Christian Post noted that the video went viral and that many called his performance with the choir “a blessing.”

Although comments on other versions of the video have remarked that he is better as an actor than as a singer, for some, any “joyful noise” praising Jesus or God is good enough.

Many commenting did praise the actor for having the courage to jump in and do something he’d been afraid to do previously, even if it might make him look a little silly.

Based on how often Diesel has sung publicly, he is not worried about what others may think of his singing and just throws himself into something that he loves. Perhaps that is an example we can all learn from.

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