Op-Ed: American Nero? From Public Safety to the Economy, Biden Laughs While the Country Burns


Did you catch Joe Biden’s reaction to the news that biased Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had indicted former President Donald Trump? When reporters asked him about the first indictment ever levied against a former president, Biden chuckled.

He did the same thing a week prior when reporters asked him if trans murderer Audrey Hale had deliberately targeted Christians when she gunned down six of them — including three children — in Nashville. While America’s heartland was torn apart, Biden joked that whatever Republican Sen. Josh Hawley thought about it, he’d probably believe the opposite.

Har har. What a comic. Joe Biden is certainly no Jerry Seinfeld. But he may be a Nero in the making.

In July 64 A.D., the city of Rome burned. Then the most powerful and cultured city in the world by far, Rome was reduced to ashes.

Rather than lead the battle to save the city or at least offer some hope, Emperor Nero is said to have done a couple of things. First, he played a lute and offered no leadership while the city burned. Second, he blamed it on his new enemy, the Christians, and instigated mass persecution of them. Divide and destroy. He then took the opportunity to build himself a new palace.

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Joe Biden’s role in America’s decline, while deliberately dividing us for his own political ends, seems deliberate. His party supports what can best be described as the rewriting of American criminal justice law without any legislative acts or input from citizens.

From New York, where Bragg routinely frees violent criminals or downgrades their charges from felonies to misdemeanors so they’re back on the streets more quickly, to Austin, Texas, where Democratic District Attorney Jose Garza does the same, to Los Angeles, where Democratic District Attorney George Gascon does the same, prosecutors in good standing with the party Biden leads are making our streets more dangerous every day.

The Democrat-dominated Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently tried to one-up the DAs with a plan to “decarcerate” the county’s jails by just letting criminals go en masse. “Decarcerate” isn’t a word, but it’s a dangerous idea, and after swift pushback from sane people, Supervisor Hilda Solis withdrew her nutty but purposeful proposal. But she’ll be back once the heat is off.

Is Biden destroying the country?

Solis, Bragg, Garza and their fellow travelers want chaos. They want criminals terrorizing you and your family, and at the same time they want you disarmed so you cannot defend yourself against them.

If that sounds paranoid, consider a case Bragg has launched in New York. There, a garage attendant was attacked by a gun-toting criminal. The attendant got the gun from his assailant and used it to shoot him. Bragg initially charged the attendant. He backed down, but will be back to try again.

Also consider the Daniel Perry case. An Army sergeant driving for Uber in Austin was surrounded by violent Black Lives Matter rioters late one night at the height of their national unrest. One of those BLM rioters was toting an AK-47 and raised it as he approached the sergeant’s car. Perry, aware that rioters had surrounded cars around the country and even shot and assaulted drivers, raised his handgun and fired, killing his would-be killer. He was found guilty of murder.

These cases both put the right to self-defense itself on trial. Why? To end your right to defend yourself wherever you are, while criminals can menace you wherever and whenever they want. The purpose of that is to instigate chaos, leading to more fear, leading to more laws that only apply to those who abide by them, leading to the destruction of the American system itself.

Presiding over all of this is Joe Biden, who has seen to his own assaults on America since his first day in office. He attacked the very foundation of our security and prosperity when he intentionally assaulted our energy industry. Then he pushed the Saudis into the arms of the Chinese and the Russians, who are now scheming together to destroy the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The dollar is a fiat currency based on faith in America. Undermine that faith and the dollar is worthless. That, coupled with the inflation Biden instigated by spending trillions we don’t have, could lead to a full-blown economic collapse. That would lead to chaos and more crime, with district attorneys favoring the criminals and making sure you can’t defend yourself.

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On the ashes of the American system, Biden and his fellow travelers will build their new palace — one from which they’ll make sure no one can challenge their power. Trump is but the first example of that.

These mendacious DAs are probably already preparing bogus cases against Republicans around the country. Republicans control very few district attorney’s offices themselves, and will be mostly unable to fight the coming fire with fire of their own.

It’s diabolical. From our actual streets to Wall Street, America is metaphorically burning, and Biden just laughs as his party sets the extremely dangerous precedent of politicizing our courts while weakening us across the board. And all you’ll get out of the American Nero is another nasty little chuckle.

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A.J. Rice is the author of the book "The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture." He serves as CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington, D.C.