Parents Mortified to Find Out Elite Prep School Subjected Kids to a 'Pornography Literacy' Class


Parents at an elite Manhattan prep school are irate after discovering that their children were presented with a shockingly graphic and detailed seminar on “pornographic literacy.”

And yes, this is what it was actually called.

Although educator Justine Ang Fonte is the Health & Wellness director at the elite Dalton School in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, parents at Columbia Grammar & Prepatory School were unprepared for — and indeed, not even warned about — the explicit presentation she recently gave to 120 teenagers called “Pornography Literacy: An intersectional focus on mainstream porn,” the New York Post reports.

The workshop, it appears, is exactly what it sounds like: a lecture on sex and pornography from the perspective of intersectionality, an ideology well within the realm of critical theory, the philosophy that views the world entirely along the lines of oppression and complex, elusive hierarchies of victimhood.

Indeed, a photograph from Fonte’s website celebrating the start of her “11th year disrupting health education” indicates quite plainly that her mode of teaching youngsters about “health and wellness” has everything to do with this radical, Marxist-based ideology.

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Fonte doesn’t appear to mind how much she traumatizes students with highly adult concepts and images in the process.

While the Post noted that the concept of “pornography literacy” appears to have originally been aimed at countering the dangers of being exposed to pornography as one’s primary means of sexual education, the incredibly graphic nature of her seminar seems to totally contradict this intention.

Fonte’s lesson for the Columbia students addressed porn and the “three big male vulnerabilities,” so-called “orgasm gap” statistics that professed to accurately portray the rate at which straight women have orgasms as compared to gay men and women and straight men the most commonly searched for porn terms of 2019 and a handy guide to various porn genres such as “incest-themed,” consensual or “vanilla,” “barely legal,” and “kink and BDSM,” for which the latter “waterboard electro” was given as an example.

Why, exactly, does a teenager need a crash-course in the darkest depths of pornographic culture in order to learn not to view pornography as sexual education, exactly?

Would you be upset if your child's school offered this lecture?

One part of the lecture also included an informative quote from an Only Fans star — i.e. a person who sells pornographic images of herself to strangers on the internet for very quick and easy cash — who laments she must describe herself as a “girl” in spite of her own gender identity.

“I identify as non-binary,” the young woman was quoted as saying, “but because that hasn’t hit the general consciousness of the adult industry, I say ‘girl,’ because that’s what people who want to buy my content will be looking for.”

Apparently, it is super important for teenagers to understand the culturally unenlightened proclivities of the modern American pornography consumer are yet another indication of bias against the non-gender-conforming … because “health education.”

“We were all like, ‘What?’” one student told The Post.

“Everyone was texting each other, ‘What the hell is this? It’s so stupid.’ Everyone knows about porn. The worst part of it was that it took place not long before the AP tests and I had to miss both my AP classes for this.”

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OK, when a teenager knows it’s stupid that you’re trying to teach underage kids about the rate at which various demographics of adults have orgasms or what sick fetishes Americans largely have because they would rather do their AP courses, you know you’ve gotten way off base.

Especially when, as the student astutely (and rather poignantly) pointed out, most teenagers already know all about porn.

Now I know this sounds crazy, but adults with even the slightest idea of what constitutes decent, appropriate behavior should do their best to ensure that those lucky modern teens who haven’t yet been exposed to the internet’s broad range of base sexual filth definitely do not need to know about American proclivities for incest or torture porn.

This irritated and studious AP student wasn’t the only one who was disgruntled. Many of her peers viewed the lecture at home via Zoom, the Post notes, which is how so many parents became apprised of the graphic content contained within. Others were made to watch the lecture on their laptops at school.

“We were supposed to answer questions about the porn stuff in the Zoom chat but we were all side-chatting in group chats and tons of kids thought it was so dumb that they sent the link to their friends all over the city and they were all logging on with the password,” another student said.

Oh, please let this next generation be galvanized by the sheer idiocy of the adults currently indoctrinating them with this garbage, because boy, I can’t really see our society lasting much longer if they don’t start learning to push back against this depravity and nonsense soon.

Of course, for the parents of future generations struggling to give their kids a halfway decent education without subjecting them to radical, hyper-ideological indoctrination, it can be difficult to stand up to the woke crowd.

“No one wants to be cancelled or lose their livelihood and that can be done in an instant,” one mother who spoke to the Post on the condition of anonymity explained. “Most parents feel the same way I do about not going public but at the same time we’re incredibly frustrated by what’s going on. None of the parents knew this was planned. We were completely left in the dark. It makes us wonder what else the school is up to.”

The Post also spoke with three other parents who requested the school show them the content from the presentation after it had taken place but were “rebuffed.”

One mother secured a Zoom meeting with administrations, which “went nowhere,” she said. “The sophistry was incredible.”

A spokesperson from the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism who spoke with The Post explained that “This is all part of an orthodoxy that has taken over schools across the country.”

“Millions of kids are being experimented on with a new curriculum that racializes and sexualizes young children, labels them by traits like skin color, gender or sexual orientation, and tells them the paths of their lives are determined by those traits.”

Parents are growing concerned that Columbia may end up like the rest of Manhattan prep schools who have embraced intersectional ideology and as it had remained one of the last prep schools in the city “not to have gone down the radicalized rabbit hole,” as one parent put it.

Now, the school is set to hire a DEI — a director of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Last week, fed-up Columbia parents launched the Instagram account @SpeakUpCGPS.

“An ideology masquerading as ‘social justice’ threatens to destroy our school. Speak up!” the account’s bio reads. One post reassures fellow parents “We won’t be offended if you don’t follow us. We understand,” offering an email for any stories that will be kept completely confidential.

The account also shared a number of slides from the explicit presentation.

The school, for its part, admitted fault, to a degree.

Shortly after the Post published their story on the pornography class, the head of school for Columbia, Dr. William M. Donohue, sent an email to parents professing, “It was unfortunate that we did not better inform ourselves of the speaker’s specific content in advance. In this case, the speaker did not align with our unique CGPS mission and for this, I apologize … Going forward we will certainly learn from this experience.”

Like so much of the problematic radical ideology that has been permeating our academic institutions and corporate culture, this type of “health education” seems more likely to exacerbate any problems in society it is attempting to solve.

Pornography cheapens sex and certainly shows some of the basest aspects of human nature, and there is absolutely no need whatsoever to expose teenagers — or anyone else you think should have a healthy view of sex for that matter — to explicit, graphic sexual terminology, images or attitudes on sex to address any issues with pornography.

This truly is not about “health,” it’s about the radical “disruption” the critical theorists are threatening to cause within the very fabric of our society, including the incredibly important sexual norms that at one time kept children much safer from irresponsible behavior and families more unified in their intention to reserve sex for the confines of traditional marriage.

We’ve got to ask American parents this until we’re blue in the face — do you know what is being taught at your child’s school? Because we really can’t even be sure anymore how far they’re going to go with this stuff.

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Isa is a homemaker, homeschooler, and writer who lives in the Ozarks with her husband and two children. After being raised with a progressive atheist worldview, she came to the Lord as a young woman and now has a heart to restore the classical Christian view of femininity.
Isa is a homemaker, homeschooler, and writer who lives in the Ozarks with her husband and two children. After being raised with a progressive atheist worldview, she came to the Lord as a young woman and now has a heart to restore the classical Christian view of femininity.