French Generals, Top Officers Warn Political Elites of Military 'Intervention' if Divisive Critical Race Theory Breaks Down Society


A massive group of former and current French military personnel signed an open letter this week warning of the imminent danger posed by so-called anti-racist ideology, and urging French President Emmanuel Macron to work quickly to prevent a civil war.

The letter, published in French magazine Valeurs Actuelles, was signed by 20 former French generals, 100 officers and over 1,000 other military personnel.

It accused the French government of kowtowing to destructive ideologies such as anti-racism and Islamism, which it said were being leveraged for the purposes of sowing unrest in French communities and risking a descent into full-blown civil war.

The signatories expressed grave concern with the government’s push to deconstruct and decolonize its own history in an attempt to placate a growing Islamism that has wracked the nation with violence and argued that radical Islam is being used to subject neighborhoods to dogmatic rules that go against the French Constitution, creating an unconstitutional parallel Islamic state.

“Perils are mounting, violence is increasing day by day,” the letter warned. “Who would have predicted ten years ago that a teacher would one day be beheaded when he left school?”

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The sentence was a reference to the murder and beheading of Samuel Paty, a middle school teacher, in a Parisian suburb last year.

Paty had been teaching a course on free speech and showed his class the cartoon of Muhammad that Islamic terrorists claimed justified the Charlie Hebdo shooting. He was soon after ambushed, murdered and decapitated by a Muslim refugee. Seven more people were charged with facilitating the murder, including a local imam, a parent of one of his students and two students who attended the school.

Notably, the letter explicitly linked the growing threat of an Islamic insurgency in France with the everyday terror of violent socialist and anti-racist riots that have frequently piggybacked off of the chaos of the Yellow Vest protest movement.

The letter went on to state that anti-racist ideology is actively promoting racial enmity and that its proponents are partisans seeking an all-out race war.

Do you support critical race theory?

Critical race theory and its even more radical offshoot, anti-racism, have plunged America into violent unrest for over a year. Unfortunately, America is not alone in this fight.

Indeed, the new racism has infected much of the West, and now it appears that it also threatens France with total political collapse.

Even with the immense liberties and opportunities afforded to France and America, our nations are alike in our susceptibility to the utterly divisive and destructive ideologies of critical race theory and its twin — ethnoreligious extremism.

Thankfully for the French, it looks like their military will not fall in line with the tyrannical dictates of social justice dogma, and will step forward should they need to protect the citizens of the republic and their noble traditions.

“As we can see, it is no longer time to procrastinate, otherwise, tomorrow the civil war will put an end to this growing chaos,” the letter continued, “and the deaths, for which you will bear the responsibility, will number in the thousands.”

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On all accounts, American leadership might have something to learn from these old soldiers.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, expressed just such a sentiment by simply tweeting the question, “Which way?”

Beneath the inquiry were juxtaposed two images. One was a photo of the French Foreign Legion carrying their axes, staunch symbols of French immigrants’ ability to adopt and defend the traditions of France. The other was a photo of American soldiers on parade, forced to carry rainbow and transgender pride flags.

The generals’ letter closed with the words of the late Cardinal Désiré-Joseph Mercier, famous in his own time for his pastoral resistance to the German occupation of Belgium during WWI.

“When prudence is everywhere, courage is nowhere.”

Indeed, it is time for the West to regain its courage.

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