Pawn Shop Buys Unique Ring Worth $20K from Suspected Thief


Pawn shops are known to carry some pricey items. Expensive merchandise ranges from technology to household tools, but one of the most popular items to pawn is jewelry.

Most shops buy earrings, necklaces, and just recently, the owner of Purple Heart Pawn and Gun in Fort Worth, Texas, came across a special piece of jewelry.

Michael Meyer bought a heart-shaped diamond ring from a male and female customer.

The only problem was, the couple wanted to trade in the jewelry for $100. The ring, embellished with two to three carats, was actually worth nearly $20,000.

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“This immediately raised a red flag, and I was like ‘holy crap this is not right this is probably stolen’… then I had the thought bounce around in my head how about I buy this for $100 and try and find the original owner,” Meyer said.

The couple was also trying to sell a set of EarPods that clearly belonged to someone else. When Meyer went to sync the earbuds to his phone, the named read “Lacy.”

Curious and suspicious, Meyer inquired about this person. The male customer said they had bought the item on Craigslist.

With this information, Meyer instantly concluded that neither the ring nor the EarPods belonged to the customers.

Yet, he was more concerned about finding the diamond ring’s owner than challenging them on the spot.

Since he couldn’t prove his hunch, he decided not to contact police. Instead, he made a Facebook video requesting help with any leads.

Meyer believed both items belonged to this “Lacy” person. He and his employees are just hoping they could track her down.

“I hope we will,” said manager Patsy Martinez. “She deserves this ring back.”

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Besides its monetary value, this ring — like many — could also hold great sentimental value, so if it is stolen, it needs to go back to its rightful owner.

But not just anyone can show up claiming to be Lacy and nab the hefty ring. Meyer’s savvy enough to have inferred the ring’s ownership, so he’s savvy enough to require evidence from people claiming the ring is theirs.

Anyone who brings in proof of purchase and identification, the shop said, will be able to claim the item.

Hopefully with all the attention this story is getting, someone who knows something will be able to point the owner in the right direction. But either way, props to Meyer for being clever and honest!

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