Pedophile Thinks He's About to Meet a Kid, Then a Ticked Off Dad Shows Up


An Argentinian pervert who thought he was about to meet an 11-year-old girl for a sexual encounter was left in shock after the child’s father got a hold of him.

Walter Rodríguez found himself in an infuriating situation after his daughter told him that a 29-year-old man was sexually harassing her via messages on an application called WhatsApp, the Spanish news agency El Pais reported. The man, Germán Acosta, bullied the girl and asked her to lie to her parents so they could meet.

Rodríguez decided to do some luring of his own, and reportedly pretended to be his daughter to get Acosta to a meeting place.

As you might have guessed, things did not work out the way Acosta intended. Far from it.

Acosta initially wanted the girl to meet him at his house, which Rodríguez thought was a grand idea since he had it in his mind to kill him.

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“First he wanted to have the date at his house and I told him yes, of course, because I was going to kill him. He would open the door and I would kill him,” Rodríguez told TV channel TB, El Pais reported.

However, Acosta changed his mind and wanted to meet in a Buenos Aires neighborhood. That was good enough for Rodríguez because he planned to beat him up as soon as he saw him. And beat him up he did. Afterward, Rodríguez called the police.

Rodríguez took a photo of a bloodied Acosta and shared it online.

“This son of a bi*** was sending messages to my 11-Year-old daughter. He sent her explicit pictures and wanted to meet with her,” Rodriguez reportedly wrote in a Facebook message that has since been deleted. He also shared screenshots of the conversations Acosta had with his daughter.

Do you agree with what this father did?

In one of the messages, Rodríguez, posing as his daughter, told Acosta she was a virgin, to which Acosta replied: “That’s great,” according to Fox News.

Both men face charges but neither have been detained.

Rodríguez stands accused of battery and Acosta is accused of online harassment and grooming, which is a “crime of befriending a child to lure them to perform sexual acts.”

Rodríguez was stunned that authorities did not detain Acosta.

“I made my statement before Justice. I told them everything, how it happened, I showed them the screenshots, what he had been sending to my little girl,” Rodríguez said, according to El Pais. “I don’t understand why they let him go. A person like this doesn’t deserve to be free.”

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Director of Grooming Argentina Hernán Navarro agreed with Rodríguez.

“By letting him free there is the potential risk to society because he could continue harassing these children,” he told El Pais.

According to Argentina law, Acosta could face six months to four years in prison.

If Acosta is guilty of this crime, then he deserved the beating he got plus considerable time behind bars.

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