Pizza Shop Employee Gets Rude Awakening After Telling Cops They're 'Not Welcome'


An employee at a pizza restaurant in San Francisco has been fired after telling police officers that they were “not welcome” in the store.

According to the local outlet KTVU, a group of police officers who visited Pizza Squared was repeatedly told by one of the employees that the officers were not welcome in the restaurant.

The San Francisco Police Officers Association then posted about the Sunday incident on Twitter, drawing the attention of the restaurant’s management.

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The restaurant replied and said that the employee was a trainee and only on his third day, but when they heard what happened, they fired him the same day.

In a statement to KTVU, Tracy McCray, president of the SFPOA, said, “We were pleased to receive an immediate response from the owners, including a sincere apology for their employee’s actions and a commitment to meet with the affected officers and make this unfortunate situation right.”

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Clearly, what happened at this restaurant is a result of the anti-police rhetoric that has been coming from the left for the past few years.

Ever since the death of George Floyd in 2020, and even years before that, we have been constantly told by the left how the police are “evil” and “racist” and are in need of a complete overhaul.

Many have even gone so far as to call for “defunding the police,” a disastrous move that has led to a rise in violent crime in cities across the nation.

Is it any wonder then that this pizza employee felt that he was in the right when he told the officers that they were not welcome in the store? After being constantly told that the police are the bad guys, it is only natural that these types of incidents should occur.

But as unfortunate as this whole situation is, it is encouraging to see that the owners of the restaurant took immediate action and removed the employee for his actions.

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Let’s hope that this will come as a rude awakening for this employee and that he learns his lesson.

To make this all the more encouraging, this took place in San Francisco, a leftist city not known for being very friendly to police officers. The fact that the owner took this swift action against the employee shows that even in the most far-left cities, there is still some respect for the rule of law.

It turns out that even in these leftist-run cities, there are many Americans who do not want to defund their police forces and let criminals run amok, they want orderly functioning cities.

So yes, clearly this employee had swallowed too much leftist rhetoric and taken it out on innocent police officers, but we also need to give props to the owner for dealing with this situation.

This disrespect towards our police officers needs to end. If we want to have safe, orderly cities, we need to give police the respect and tools they need to do their job.

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