Poll: Most Americans Stand Behind Gina Carano, Oppose Disney's Woke Politics


Although the year still in its very first quarter, various celebrities and prominent figures have already fallen victim to cancel culture in 2021.

Chief among them being renowned actress and former MMA fighter Gina Carano, who had a prominent role on the hit Disney Plus show The Mandalorian.

Disney chose to part ways with Carano in February following some harsh backlash she received for sharing a post on social media. Referencing the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, the post merely pointed out that political demonization can lead to greater evils.

Nevertheless, Disney chose to dissolve its relationship with Carano over the post in a move that, as it turns out, a majority of Americans disagree with.

It isn’t only the firing of Carano, however. A majority of Americans also hold negative views regarding many additional examples of the entertainment giant’s “woke” political theatrics.

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This is all according to a poll conducted by Survey Monkey with oversight and analysis provided by Public Opinion Strategies. The poll surveyed 1,098 adults from Feb. 26 to March 3 with a +/- 0f 3.37 percent.

The poll was commissioned by The Daily Wire who, shortly following news of Carano’s firing, recruited the actress to develop, produce and star in her own film for the company’s budding film studio.

In comments sent exclusively to The Western Journal, the survey’s pollster — Neil Newhouse — elaborated on the poll’s implications.

“Disney is finding itself on the wrong side of public opinion on a number of issues — from the firing of Gina Carano to the filming of ‘Mulan’ in an area of China where the government is oppressing a minority group,” Newhouse said.

Was Disney wrong to fire Gina Carano?

“Almost two-thirds of Americans believe that companies like Disney have taken political correctness too far — a result that is probably not all that surprising considering that nearly half of Americans believe that Hollywood and its entertainment executives are biased against Republicans and conservatives.”

When it comes to the poll’s findings, 58 percent of those who recognized Carano had a favorable opinion of her.

Respondents were then shown the post that Carano was fired over.

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After reviewing the post, 39 percent said “it may have been poorly worded but she did not deserve to get fired” and 34 percent said they found “nothing wrong with the quote and she should not have been fired.”

In total, an overwhelming 73 percent agreed Disney should not have fired Gina Carano.

Many left-leaning news outlets claimed Carano’s post was somehow antisemitic and described it — inaccurately — as Carano comparing modern-day Republicans to Holocaust Jews.

In reality, Carano’s post — which made no mention of either Republicans or Democrats — simply posited that political demonization is a dangerous precedent that could lead to far greater wrongs, as was demonstrated historically with the rise of the Nazi party.

According to the findings of this poll, a majority of Americans agree that forwarding such sentiments should not be a fireable offense.

In addition to questions concerning Carano’s firing, respondents were also asked about their view of the Walt Disney Company in general.

Although a significant majority of those polled — 77 percent — still hold a favorable view of Disney, the company’s positive image seems to be sliding thanks to its continued insistence on “playing ‘woke’ politics.”

According to the survey, 64 percent of Americans oppose Disney’s decision to close down popular theme park rides thought to be “racist” in origin and messaging, 54 percent oppose Disney’s threat to boycott Georgia over a bill banning the killing of pre-born infants with detectable heartbeats and 58 percent disagreed with the company’s decision to fire Carano.

Furthermore, 61 percent of those with an unfavorable view pointed to the firing of Carano and other recent examples of Disney engaging in “cancel culture.”

One oft-cited criticism of Disney is its insistence on forwarding left-wing causes in America under the guise of civil rights while at the same time working alongside foreign regimes that openly violate basic human rights on a daily basis.

The most prominent example of this is the Communist Party of China. Disney worked closely with the CCP during the making of 2020’s Mulan, but remained silent on the country’s cultural genocide of its Uighur population.

The filming of Mulan even took place within Xingjiang, the region Uighurs are native to and where many of the country’s Uighur concentration camps are located.

A whopping 84 percent of Americans oppose Disney’s decision to film in Xingjiang. This includes majorities across numerous demographic categories including age groups, gender, ethnicity and region of the country.

If this survey’s findings are of any indication, Disney may soon face financial repercussions for these actions.

Among fans of Disney’s content, 51 percent reported viewing the company less favorably thanks to its recent activities and 47 percent said those activities made them less likely to watch Disney programming going forward.

If the entertainment staple continues to venture into left-wing politics, these trends will presumably continue, inevitably alienating an even larger chunk of its consumer base.

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