Prayers Needed - Hero Father Charges Into Raging Inferno to Save Family, But Not Everyone Made It Out


Ray Barroga of Blacktown, western Sydney, Australia, is being hailed a hero after a tragic house fire on Monday.

The blaze had gotten started about 5 a.m., according to The Daily Telegraph.

Barroga managed to escape his burning house, and then once outside, realized that his mother, Kora, was still inside.

Barroga, in his 60s and the father of two, ran back into the blazing house to save his 80-year-old mother, according to the Daily Mail.

Kora had been staying with him because of an illness.

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His partner was overseas at the time, caring for one of her family members.

Barroga’s neighbors were awakened by the flames that had started shooting out of the roof of the house, according to the Telegraph.

Emergency crews were called, and neighbors ran outside in an attempt to help put out the blaze.

Barroga’s neighbors were using hoses and fire extinguishers to try to control and put out the fire, but they were unsuccessful.

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When emergency crews arrived, the one-story house was engulfed in the flames, and Barroga had not made it back out with his mother.

Emergency crews made their way inside what had become something of a fire trap. By now, the house’s roof had collapsed.

Firefighters pulled both Barroga and his mother out of the house while it was still burning, but Barroga passed away at the scene.

His mother was transported to a nearby hospital, where she heard the news about her son. She’s presently in critical condition.

The fire seemed to have been contained to one room in the house, but there is severe smoke and water damage throughout.

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Barroga is being remembered by friends and family as “humble” and the “epitome of kindness,” according to the Daily Mail.

The head of the fire and rescue crew, Michael Morris, said that the scene involved, “very confronting conditions for all of the emergency services and the neighbors.”

At this time, the cause of the fire is uncertain, and there is an investigation going on to try to obtain answers and details.

It took firefighters nearly two hours to put out the flames, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Certainly Barrago’s friends, family and especially his mother, are in need of prayers.

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