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Puppy Burned with Hot Tarmac Found Hiding Between 2 Walls, Rescued Just in Time


What could be more heartbreaking than the suffering of a helpless creature? Thankfully, the world is full of good Samaritans willing to help minimize their pain.

A video circulating online reveals the harrowing details of one puppy’s narrow escape from death. If the dog hadn’t been discovered just in time, the ending to her story would be much more devastating.

Asana Pomloy found the 4-month-old canine wedged between two concrete walls in Ang Thong, Thailand. Her body was severely burned and blistered.

”I found the puppy and she was in pain,” Pomloy told Newsflare. “The workers at the petrol station think she had been there for two days. It must have been torture for her.”

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It was initially unclear how and why the puppy had been burned. However, Pomloy and the other rescue workers soon put some puzzle pieces together.

“‘There are roadworks nearby and they think that one of the construction workers attacked her with the tarmac and she ran away,” Pomloy said.

Pomloy theorized construction workers were throwing the hot tarmac, “perhaps because there are lots of stray dogs and they were annoyed at them.”

After the attack, the puppy likely chose to hide in preparation of death. Often times dogs who are suffering find a quiet place to pass away, and that seemed to be the case for this badly burned pup.

Although the situation looked grim, Pomloy and the rescuers were determined to save the pooch.


With patience and sausages in hand, the rescuers were able to get the puppy out of her hiding place. In the video, the suffering canine can be heard whimpering in pain as she is pulled out from her hiding place.

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The rescuers were able to deliver her to a local animal hospital, where she was treated overnight. She is now seeking refuge at the Heart Hugs Dogs foundation in Thailand, where her wounds are routinely washed and treated.

Thannawat Thoophom, the foundation’s owner, said they’ve already witnessed incredible progress. The puppy, named “Ma-Toi” ⁠– “tarmac” in Thai ⁠– has started to regain her peppy personality.

“‘Her look was very depressing and she didn’t let anyone touch her on the first day she came. It also took a while for me to earn her trust,” Thoophom said. “‘But we have to make sure she’s one hundred percent recovered before moving her to a new home.”

Despite her suffering, it looks like Ma-Toi is well on her way to recovery alongside those who would never do her harm.

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