Rescuers Can't Forget 1 Heartbreaking Detail About Cold Abandoned Dog


If you’ve ever had a furry friend, you have probably experienced the heartbreak of seeing them struggle at some point.

Whether it’s a temporary illness or a lifelong condition, it’s a sad truth that this world has pain as well as joy, and that affects our four-legged companions as much as it affects anyone else.

But stray dogs are at a higher risk of experiencing health complications, brought on by conditions endured while homeless and neglected.

It’s sad to see a dog suffer in pain, but when they’re rescued and given the attention they need, it’s cleansing to witness their second chance at life.

A collie named Freight was picked up in Chicago, Illinois, by the Trio Animal Foundation back in April 2016. His story tells one of determination to never give up.

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When rescuers found the cold, abandoned dog, he could barely walk because his hair was severely matted. All the fur surrounding his hind legs was tangled and knotted.

The matting consisted of hair and every horrible thing you can imagine: dirt, debris, feces, urine, and more. Rescuers didn’t even know if the dog was a “he” or a “she,” the state of the dog was so bad.

In a series of Facebook posts and photos, vets shared Freight’s long journey to recovery. “Before and after of Freight when he was first shaved down,” Trio Animal Foundation wrote about the shy pooch.

Every single patch of unkempt hair was removed, which made moving around a little bit easier for Freight. After that was taken care of, vets were further disappointed by another heartbreaking detail.

Freight tested positive for heartworms. His health battle wasn’t quite over yet.

“This is so incredibly sad as, like many of our other medical cases right now, it could have been prevented,” the organization said.  “Freight is still at the vet and has already started treatment for parasites, including tapeworm.”

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Freight started emergency treatment immediately. After receiving his first round of Immiticide injections, he wasn’t feeling his best, but medical staff members were remaining hopeful that he would heal soon.

By late May, things were looking up for Freight. He had spent four weeks recovering from his first round of treatment and was now ready for his second one.

This time, the pup was livelier than ever. Doctors monitored his progress, and fortunately, he was making a comeback.

“A month ago Freight was quiet and never made a peep in his cage,” they wrote. “This once shy dog now only wants to be held and be loved.”

And love eventually came his way. Freight was adopted by the very same foster parents who took care of him during his rehabilitation treatment and has now continued living in good health.

We couldn’t be happier with his new lease on life! He’ll never have to worry about falling to the state he was found in.

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