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Search Team Safely Rescues 190-lb. Mastiff Injured While Hiking on Mountain with Owner


Depending on where you live, fall can be a great season for outdoor adventures. The temperatures are cooler, the colors are more vibrant and getting the family outside — even for a short walk — can be a wonderful experience.

One family in Salt Lake County had a bit of a mishap when they decided to go on a hike with young kids and a dog in the Grandeur Peak/Millcreek Canyon area.

They took a wrong turn and ended up on a steep trail that posed problems for all of them — but especially the dog.

The poor pup was just too tired and couldn’t walk any farther. In most cases, the solution would be as simple as picking up the pooch and heading back to the car — but this was no ordinary dog: This was Floyd.

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Floyd is a 3-year-old Mastiff, and he weighs in at 190 pounds. Budging him was impossible, let alone carrying him off the slope.

“I was up on the trail with him and my brother,” a woman named Amy Sandoval, who claimed to be Floyd’s “aunt,” commented on one rescue video. “Some of us eventually had to head down the trail as we had young kids with us.”

Many people scolded the owner for bringing such a large dog hiking, but they hadn’t intended to get lost and Floyd’s owner was dedicated and refused to leave his dog during the ordeal.

“(M)y brother never left his side,” Amy Sandoval confirmed in a follow-up comment. “He was going to sleep with him overnight.”

“Thank you to all the people who called the police and search and rescue,” Sandoval continued. “A vet also stopped to exam Floyd and recognized what bad shape he was in. We took a wrong turn on the descent and ended up on a very tricky slope. We had a 10 year old with us and it was so hard getting everyone back up to the trail. Poor dog just couldn’t take any more after that.”

She also said that many passing hikers stopped and offered them water, which they greatly appreciated. Their dad also hiked for more water multiple times to make sure Floyd stayed hydrated.

Eventually, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team got a call about the good (big) boy, and they set off to find him. They managed to get him down the mountain at around 10:30 p.m.

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“SLCOSAR got a call for a 190-pound, 3-year-old Male injured Mastiff about two miles up the Grandeur Peak Trail,” they posted on Oct. 13. “Several hikers had called Unified Police to report that the dog and his owner were on the trail and not able to move.”

“Salt Lake County Search and Rescue members went into action and headed up the trail to make sure Floyd could get off the mountain with his human before it got too cold. Floyd was packaged in a litter and carried down the mountain.”

The post referred to Floyd as a “good boy” and “happy to be assisted.” The video of the rescue shows the 190-lb dog staying put on a stretcher with a bit of a bashful look on his face, almost like he’s embarrassed over the whole thing.

“Hopefully,” they added, “Floyd will be up and hiking again soon!”

“I am SO relieved this turned out and my brother and Floyd got off the mountain,” Sandoval continued in her comment. “Thank you search and rescue volunteers!!!”

Since the team is made up of volunteers, Floyd and his owner were not charged for the rescue, and many people have expressed their thankfulness to the team for making the time to help Floyd.

The rescue has brought a lot of attention to the SLCOSAR, and they’ve managed to bring in even more donations thanks to viewers’ gratitude.

According to a comment on their original post, the team said Floyd was exhausted but “will be just fine.”

Once he’s all better, he’ll be able to go on more adventures — but maybe a little closer to home next time.

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