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Shivering Dog Rescued from Porta-Potty After Being Imprisoned by Zip Ties and Left To Starve


Porta-potties are not glamorous installations. They’re small, usually pretty gross, and turn into special, bug-infested saunas in the summer.

There are a lot of surprising things people have come to expect to see when they swing open that flimsy hollow door, but a dog inside a zip-tied cage is not one of them.

One woman in Olive Township, Michigan, got quite the surprise when she stopped at Polkton Township Sheridan Park to use a porta-potty and came face-to-face with a pit bull locked in a cage, in the cold, with no water or food.

While the dog didn’t look to be in bad shape, it was pretty clear that he had been abandoned by someone who had no interest in continuing to care for him.

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Knowing she had to help, the woman freed the pup from his cold confines and took him to Harbor Humane Society.

Harbor Humane referred to his rescuers as “human angels,” and posted about the find on their Facebook page.

“This sweet wiggle-butts has already stolen the hearts of everyone here, and will surely find a home that is deserving of his love just as he is theirs,” they shared.

The humane society dubbed him “Jon,” and while they don’t explain why, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to guess that the name is derived from the location where he was found.

Despite the abandonment he experienced, he seems to be adjusting well and is a sweetheart.

The humane society’s development director, Jennifer Nuernberg, told WFLA that all is well and they’re working with Jon to make sure all continues to go well.

“It’s tough, but you know, Jon is doing great here,” she said. “He’s happy. He’s a really really great dog.”

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“He seems to be in pretty good shape, and he’s in good spirits, so we’re just keeping an eye on him and getting him some enrichment.”

According to one post, initially there were some people who thought that Jon might actually be a dog named “Titan” that went missing around the same time, but the humane society looked into it and apparently he isn’t the same pup.

“Jon is currently on stray hold,” the post continued. “He will be on hold for a minimum of 7 days before being placed up for adoption. Please keep an eye on our website. As soon as he is available he will show on our Adoptable Pets tab.”

With all the airtime this boy has gotten, someone has to have seen him and taken a shine to him. He’s in good hands now, and hopefully within a week or so he’ll move on to a good home.

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