Soldiers Show How 'Fearless' They Really Are After Coming Face-to-Face With Goose


Soldiers are trained to deal with life-threatening situations. They endure hours of practice and prepare for the worst in every situation.

But that mostly applies to human interaction and the elements. There’s not too much focus on how to handle … birds.

At Fort Sill in Oklahoma, apparently, there’s a force to be reckoned with who lives on base. It’s not a demanding drill sergeant or an internal feud.

Its name is Steve. Steve is short, squat, and feathered.

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Steve is also a goose. Allegedly he lives on base with his mate, who has been dubbed “Brenda.”

Together the two nest on-site, and when people get too close to his territory, Steve has something to say about it.

A video has emerged of these altercations. A line of soldiers can be seen moving toward a building where Steve is waiting, but they keep moving forward.

So Steve does, too. He launches himself at the soldier at the front of the line, who immediately about-faces and flails out of the bird’s path.

The soldier, keeping an eye on the goose, slowly walks around him, keeping his back to the building as he tries to avoid the goose.

Steve is still wary though, bobbing his head and tracking the suspicious character who is most certainly intent on invading the goose’s territory.

Once the first soldier makes it to safety, the others follow, trying to avoid Steve as he honks at them and tries to lock eyes with someone so he can charge again.

Some run around the goose, giving it a wide berth. Steve stops the line once or twice, still trying to prove how serious he is about keeping them out of his nesting area, but they just move around him.

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The original video was posted with some captioning that explained the situation.

“A family of geese that we named Steve and Brenda frequent our building here. Steve has been very protective lately of the nest and attacked a group of Soldiers.”

“Soldiers being the tough guys got totally punked. This will happen daily and I can upload way more videos!”

In case you’re worried about Steve and Brenda, have no fear — despite their protestations, the base actually likes them. They not only put up with the feathered pair’s shenanigans, they provide for them as well.

“The goose was not harmed,” the caption also revealed. “We actually take good care of them and give them food and extra hay for their nest.”

Looks like these soldiers will have plenty more time to adjust to Steve’s attacks! Maybe there will be more video installations in the future.

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