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Strict Royal Tradition Says What Markle Can and Can't Wear until Wedding Day


While there are many perks to being a member of the Royal Family, there are some drawbacks. Perhaps the biggest is the large number of rules that must be strictly followed.

Royals are governed by a strict code of etiquette. These rules may be second nature for those who grow up in the Royal Family, but newcomers have to catch on fast.

Before Meghan Markle can marry Prince Harry in May 2018, she must learn proper etiquette. The rules will affect every aspect of her life.

Among other rules, she must learn how to sit properly. Royals are instructed not to cross their legs at the knee, but rather at the ankles.

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She must also learn the proper way to handle cutlery and teacups.

Learning how to curtsy is a key skill, and one that seems easy but can actually be quite difficult.

Just as behavior is governed by many rules, so too is clothing. Markle has already been spied breaking with tradition for her engagement photos, when she wore a semi-sheer dress.

One tradition Markle likely won’t break with, however, involves what she places on her head. Wearing a tiara is simply forbidden to Prince Harry’s fiancée — until she becomes his wife, that is.

It’s not surprising to hear that the Royal Family has a strict set of rules governing the wearing of tiaras.

As US Magazine reports, tiaras “are reserved for married women or members of the Royal Family.”

“For married ladies [wearing a tiara] was a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband.

“For the gentleman it was a clear sign not to make advances toward the lady in question,” explains US Magazine.

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That’s not all, however. When tiaras are worn, they may only be worn at certain times of the day. Never worn during the daytime, tiaras are only to be worn in the evening.

When the two finally do marry, Markle will have her choice of many beautiful tiaras.

Until then, her strong sense of style will surely make do without the flashy accessory.

What do you think of these royal rules? Would you be able to remember all of them?

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