Target Refuses to Let Actor Buy Gift Card & Clothing for Homeless Man


When actor John Barrowman was shopping in a West Hollywood Target on Thursday, he decided to put his money to good use and help out a homeless man.

According to TMZ, Barrowman had been approached by the man who merely asked if the actor would buy him an $8 t-shirt.

However, the “Arrow” actor went above and beyond as he was willing to purchase a $40 gift card, grooming kit and other items for the man — before he was allegedly stopped by Target employees.

Barrowman stated that he had been approached by one of the store’s workers while checking out and was told it was illegal for him to be purchasing these items for the homeless man.

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The incident made Barrowman furious, and after multiple failed attempts to try and right things in the store, he took to social media in order to bring attention to what he stated was a very big problem.

“I am disgusted by what I was told. Arrest me for trying to help someone. The stupidity behind that rule. I want an explanation. My fans and followers please message #Target regarding this. JB,” the post said.

Many responded by their own approval of his generosity as well as their disappointment at the store’s employees for treating the homeless in this way.

Though many agreed with the actor’s initial sentiments about the way the store employees acted, some even called for their termination.

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Target responded with an apology and a statement saying that they would follow up to find out exactly what happened, though Barrowman called it a “bland response” from the popular corporation.

John reached out to Target on Twitter, they replied, “We’re very sorry for the experience you had at the LA Target store.”

“We absolutely do not have a policy against this type of purchase, and are addressing it immediately with the team members involved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

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