Top Hollywood Actor Goes Rogue... Makes Shock Admission About Abortions


As a pro-life advocate, conservative actor Kevin Sorbo is a rarity in Hollywood.

In a recent editorial in Media Research Center’s CNS News, the unashamed Christian took aim at the pro-abortion movement and took a stand for the unborn, calling abortion the “definition of evil.”

In the piece, Sorbo recounted a situation where an old friend was confronted by his ex-girlfriend after she discovered she was pregnant. The woman was desperate and considering an abortion, but Sorbo’s friend managed to talk her out of it. The woman gave birth to her son and is now a grandmother.

Sorbo used his friend’s situation to explain how bringing a life into the world is one of the greatest opportunities there is. And taking that life is one of the worst things a woman could choose to do.

He then explained how pro-abortion advocates have lied to women about what abortion actually is.

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“Secular humanists have made the word abortion sound like a woman’s right, synonymous with health care, female empowerment, standing for women’s issues, a choice, a solution; anything but the truth,” he began.

“The truth is, however, abortion is the termination of life. It is just a euphemism for murder because the only reason to get an abortion is to avoid the potential of birth –- a human birth.”

That’s what you call getting straight to the point, but Sorbo was not finished.

He explained that the world dresses up abortion by making it about women’s rights, but after all is said and done, there is a life inside a woman’s womb, and that life is “extinguished by the brutal procedure of abortion.”

Do you agree with Sorbo?

The “Hercules” actor went on to describe the insanity of leftist logic by pointing out how disturbing the nest of a sea turtle and stealing its eggs is a crime punishable by years in prison and fines, but killing a human baby is seen as perfectly acceptable.

Sorbo then compared the fight to protect the unborn with the fight for African-American civil rights.

“Barely a century after our grave and costly war against slavery, against depriving some human beings of their dignity and based solely on their skin color, we codified into law the right of the citizen to kill her progeny, based solely on its size and location, while unwittingly depriving herself of love that is pure and enduring,” he said.

“This is the definition of evil, pure and simple,” he concluded.

Sorbo hit the nail on the head with this piece by pointing out how little society values life — especially the lives of the innocent and defenseless.

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We need more people in Hollywood like Sorbo who are willing to speak up for the unborn.

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