Trump Campaign Press Sec Rips 2020 Dems: 'The Party of Lincoln Will Defeat the Party of Lenin'


The Trump campaign’s national press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, told The Western Journal in an exclusive interview that President Donald Trump is prepared to litigate “the case against socialism” if the Democratic Party chooses democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders as its nominee.

McEnany added American voters are “not on board with socialism,” which is supported by a recent Marist poll.

Bernie Sanders has seen high support ratings during the Democratic primary, leading some to believe that he may win the candidacy that he so desperately tried — and failed — to win in 2016.

According to a recent Marist poll, however, only 28 percent of Americans across the country have a favorable view of socialism. Fifty-eight percent do not.

Pollsters questioned 1,416 adults in the contiguous United States, a large majority of whom were registered voters. The poll was conducted in partnership with NPR and PBS NewsHour and has a 3.3 percent margin of error.

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So how is Sanders gaining so much attention in the Democratic primary race?

The poll determined that within the Democratic Party 50 percent have a favorable view of socialism while 33 percent do not.

The difference between national and Democratic approval of socialism is notable and may be of concern if the Democratic Party chooses a socialist candidate to run against Trump.

McEnany believes that if that does happen, however, the president will be able to present a compelling case against socialism.

Do you think Trump would beat Bernie Sanders in a potential matchup?

“President Trump will be on the other side [of the stage] litigating the case against socialism,” she told The Western Journal during Wednesday night’s rally in Phoenix. “No one can do that more effectively than President Trump.

“And when that case is litigated, I can tell you this: The party of Lincoln will defeat the party of Lenin if that’s the route they choose to go down.”

She also warned voters not to underestimate former Vice President Joe Biden’s presence in the race, even though many outlets have reported his declining support.

Since South Carolina, seen as a potential “firewall” for Biden, has not yet held its primary, McEnany believes the former VP isn’t out of the race just yet, although recent polls may suggest otherwise.

“The media has written this narrative that Joe Biden’s out, but I would watch out for Joe Biden,” she said. “I would note to our voters that disastrous Joe Biden can make a comeback.”

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McEnany also addressed former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s rapid rise in the primary race, which many have attributed to his deep pocketbooks rather than his voter approval.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” McEnany said. “He spent something like $340 million on advertising, giving money to entities to try to incur more support from them as he was gearing up for this presidential bid.

“He’s trying to buy the presidency; it doesn’t work that way. He’s got a lot of billions, but not a lot of voters.”

Despite the left’s extensive attempts to turn people against the president, McEnany believes Trump’s support has only continued to grow since the impeachment process.

Instead of sparking disagreement with the president, the impeachment trial has sparked an increase in enthusiasm for the president, according to McEnany.

“Nancy Pelosi has managed to send a lightning rod through our base,” she said. “They are more energized than ever before. They are more motivated to support the president.”

In New Jersey, in which 55 percent of voters voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to Politico, McEnany said she saw “thousands” camping outside at 2 a.m. the morning of a rally in January.

“That should scare every Democrat out there,” she said. “Something’s going on in this country. America’s taken notice of their obstruction.”

McEnany also predicted the GOP’s chance of taking the House in 2020 is “very good,” again pointing to the impeachment trial.

“Nancy Pelosi’s made it even easier with her impeachment effort. It’s backfired magnificently,” she said. “We saw the president hit 50 percent support in the Rasmussen poll. He’s tied with his all-time high approval rating in the RCP average.

“So President Trump has really lifted the prospect of Republicans on tickets down the ballot and across the country.”

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