Trump's White House Calls Out Iran's 'Reckless Actions' Following Withdraw from Iran Deal


For the terrorists in Tehran, things are not going according to plan.

The Iranian attack on Israeli military positions on the Syrian border this week might have been intended as a show of strength for world capitals in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, but it’s backfiring badly in the one place that really matters:

The Trump White House.

Less than 48 hours after Trump’s announcement that the Iran nuclear deal is dead, the mullahs’ Revolutionary Guards in Syria launched rockets at Israeli positions along the Golan Heights, drawing a shattering response from the Israeli military.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Iranian-allied rebel groups in Yemen fired missiles at the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, as if to signal Trump’s Iran deal pull-out had increased the dangers of a regional war.

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But the Trump administration wasn’t backing down an inch.

“Already this week, the (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) has fired rockets at Israeli citizens, and Iran’s proxies in Yemen have launched a ballistic missile at Riyadh,” White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement Friday, according to the Washington Examiner.

“These actions are further proof that the Iranian regime’s reckless actions pose a severe threat to regional peace and security. It is time for responsible nations to bring pressure on Iran to change this dangerous behavior,” she said.

As if any more proof were needed.

Does the Trump White House need to get tougher with Iran?

Since the Islamic revolution of 1979, and the 444-day crisis sparked by Iran’s seizure of American diplomats as hostages, the mullahs of Tehran have led one of the most malignant nations on earth, where children learn to chant “death to America” while they’re learning to walk.

Almost 40 years later, those decades of hate are showing their effect.

Iranian “lawmakers” burned a paper American flag in the country’s parliament on Wednesday after Trump’s decision, chanting the country’s favorite slogan, according to a USA Today report. Mobs in the street are one thing, but when lawmakers have no problem chanting “death to America” and burning American flags in their actual government, it’s pretty clear this is not a normal country.

The Iranian attack on Israel was a failure and received a devastating response from the Israeli military. The attack on Riyadh was also a failure, with one missile intercepted by Saudi air defenses, according to Reuters, and another landing harmlessly in the desert outside the city.

Reuters reported four explosions were heard in Riyadh, but said no damages were reported.

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But what the violence in Syria, the attack on Riyadh and the tantrum in Tehran do, is prove just how prescient Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was during his powerful, April 30 presentation exposing the lies that lay behind Iran’s commitments under the nuclear deal negotiated by President Barack Obama and his feckless Secretary of State John Kerry.

Iran had lied about its past nuclear programs, Netanyahu declared, and it could not be trusted to behave peacefully in the future.

If nothing else, Tehran’s orchestrated violence on Tuesday proved that.

And the Trump White House’s response proved that the days of Obama appeasement are long over.

“We strongly support Israel’s right to act in self-defense,” a White House statement said, according to Politico. “The Iranian regime’s deployment into Syria of offensive rocket and missile systems aimed at Israel is an unacceptable and highly dangerous development for the entire Middle East.”

Tehran is showing its true colors. Fortunately, the Trump White House — and its Israeli allies — are showing theirs, too. And that wasn’t the terrorists’ plan at all.

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Joe has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, copy editor and metro desk editor in newsrooms in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. He's been with Liftable Media since 2015.
Joe has spent more than 30 years as a reporter, copy editor and metro editor in newsrooms in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Florida. He's been with Liftable Media since 2015. Largely a product of Catholic schools, who discovered Ayn Rand in college, Joe is a lifelong newspaperman who learned enough about the trade to be skeptical of every word ever written. He was also lucky enough to have a job that didn't need a printing press to do it.