Tucker Carlson Reveals Troubling Backstory Behind Washington Post's Doxing of Libs of TikTok Creator


The Washington Post’s doxing of the previously anonymous creator of Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” dominated the news cycle on Tuesday. And for good reason.

The expose, written by a hypocrite named Taylor Lorenz, the newspaper’s internet culture reporter, who earlier this month sobbed during an MSNBC interview about being the target of an online harassment campaign herself, was an egregious example of the left’s increasingly desperate assault on the freedom of speech.

The article linked to the LoTT creator’s name, address and real estate licensing information.

For those unfamiliar with LoTT, it is just what it says it is. The account searches TikTok for videos that far-left liberals, often activist teachers, have uploaded themselves and shares them on Twitter to allow others to see how extreme and just plain ludicrous woke culture has become. The videos are not edited; they don’t need to be. They are ridiculous enough all by themselves.

Because the implications of this story go far beyond the immediate situation, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson devoted his show’s monologue — and more — to it on Tuesday night.

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The video below, from the conservative Twitter account The Columbia Bugle, shows Carlson delivering his monologue and playing several clips from LGBTQ actitvists who teach pre-school, kindergarten and first-grade discussing how they educate children about gender fluidity, transgenderism and even the Black Lives Matter movement.

(As TheBlaze reported, Carlson’s own Twitter account was suspended in March over a post related to Health Secretary Rachel Levine.)

Needless to say, LoTT has provided parents with a window into the world of woke education and is credited as an impetus behind Florida’s recently passed Parental Rights in Education legislation.

On his program, Carlson revealed the troubling backstory behind one of Lorenz’s main sources, Travis Brown, whose “‘Hatespeech Tracker’ is funded by something called the Prototype Fund.”

Lorenz’s article describes Brown as a software developer “who is working on a project with support from Prototype Fund, an organization that backs open-source projects.”

Carlson featured the Prototype Fund’s description of Brown’s project: “Prominent right-wing extremist accounts on Twitter and Facebook have developed a well-documented pattern to distribute controversial and extremist content to their followers and then delete it before moderators have the opportunity to react to it. [Carlson interjects with “before it can be censored”] … Archiving is an important element in counteracting this behavior and has in many cases led to prominent victories in [the] fight against the extreme right.”

So, Carlson noted, the “Hatespeech Tracker” is only interested in “hate speech” from one political perspective.

“Extreme right? So, not all hate speech is the same,” he said. “The hate speech tracker does not target the hate speech of BLM rioters or antifa.”

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He asked, “Again, who’s paying for this?”

“The Prototype Fund gets its money … from the government of Germany. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education. It says so right on the website,” Carlson said. (The link to the Prototype Fund’s “About” page states it is a project funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research.)

The doxing of the woman who runs LoTT, Carlson said, was “a foreign intelligence operation designed to silence and intimidate an American citizen. Wait, is that legal?”

“Did the Biden administration have any role in this particular intel op?” he asked. “Why is the German government trying to shut down an American Twitter account posting about American teachers? And since she [Lorenz] was a willing recipient of this information from a foreign government designed to destroy an American citizen, why hasn’t Taylor Lorenz at the very least registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. FARA.

“We seem to remember quite a bit of talk about this over the last [inaudible]. We think there was an impeachment trial over it. Someone went to prison because of it. But Taylor Lorenz can take information from a foreign government to crush an American citizen, clearly as part of an intel operation, and she’s a journalist in good standing at Jeff Bezos’ newspaper?”

Lorenz’s expose is really two stories. The first is, of course, the stunning hypocrisy of a reporter who found herself the target of an online harassment campaign after falsely accusing Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen of “using the ‘R-word’ — meaning ‘retard’ — during a private discussion on the members-only Clubhouse app in February 2021,” as per The New York Post. In a widely read article at that time, journalist Glenn Greenwald called her a “journalistic tattletale.”

Less than two weeks ago, MSNBC aired an interview with Lorenz in which she shared her pain (and tears) at being targeted in online attacks. She became so upset that it was  difficult for her to speak.

Do you think Libs of TikTok will survive this attack?

Yet she then decided to inflict that same pain on another woman.

The second story is the left’s vast intimidation campaign against conservative free speech. The players include not only the usual suspects, Democratic politicians and the once-revered American institutions they’ve managed to infiltrate, along with the legacy media, but now we’re learning that a group funded by a foreign government is involved.

Given the embrace of World Economic Forum founder and CEO Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” initiative by world leaders, we shouldn’t be surprised. Far too many “journalists” today are simply the useful idiots tasked with disseminating their narrative.

In an October 2020 discussion with Carlson about a corrupt NBC reporter, Revolver News Editor Darren Beattie described it perfectly:

As for the woman behind LoTT, she won’t be silenced:

Our very freedom and that of future generations of Americans is at stake.

This is a fight we can’t afford to lose.

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Elizabeth is a contract writer at The Western Journal. Her articles have appeared on many conservative websites including RedState, Newsmax, The Federalist,, HotAir, MSN and RealClearPolitics.

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