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Video: Shepherd Mix Learns How To Climb Ladder So He Can Swim in Pool


Dogs are clever creatures, especially when they want something. Many dogs are motivated by food or get excited about comfy spots to nap.

Others love the thrill of adventure-seeking, which can be a headache for owners when that curiosity involves escaping from the property at every turn.

But if pups have things to keep them busy in the yard, they’re more likely to stick around. Elliot, a German shepherd/Siberian Husky mix from Fayetteville, North Carolina, is one of those dogs.

The clever canine has always loved the water, according to his owner, and because of that he’s taught himself something not many dogs learn.

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“This is Elliot the German Shepard/husky mix!” the owner said, according to ViralHog. “I and my fiancé realized he loved swimming when he was young so we got a pool to share with him!”

“We had just started realizing that when we would let him in the backyard he would climb into the pool and be all wet when we would let him back in!”

“I finally caught him on camera hence my laughing in the video! Elliot is one unique and amazing dog and we are so happy to have him!”

Elliot has taken advantage of his owners’ above-ground pool by teaching himself how to climb the ladder to get in and out as he pleases.

For many dogs, the challenge of getting paws on rungs is too great, but some have mastered it. Going up often is easier than coming down, but it is possible.

A Labrador retriever named Buddy also has figured out the ladder situation.

“We toured around Harsen’s Island, Michigan, across from the City of Algonac, in the delta of the St Clair River this afternoon, and came across this,” Rob Freeman wrote in the video caption.

“John’s Yellow Labrador Retriever ‘Buddy’ loves to jump in the river after a piece of wood & then climb out of the river up the ladder.”

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There’s even a sport known as “dock diving” for dogs who love toys and water. It’s a fun competition that challenges dogs to jump as far or as high as they can, or swim as fast as they can across a pool to retrieve a “bumper.”

While there are some impressive competitors with highly trained dogs, there are just as many dogs that would be as happy paddling in a lake as racing and diving after their favorite toy. Either way, water-related activities are great for staying cool during the summer.

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