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Watch: Golden Retrievers Discover Helpless Baby Bird Drowning in Pool and Help Save Its Life


If you love dogs as much as I do, you’ll grin with delight when you see this adorable family of golden retrievers.

The three “Mississippi Golden Gurls” brighten social media with their tail wags and furry, photogenic faces. They are also a source of joy and laughter for their owner, Gresham, and her husband.

In fact, it was the couple’s mutual adoration of the golden retriever breed that helped them fall in love.

“I am a former two sport Division I athlete (played basketball and volleyball). My husband and I were both scholarship athletes at the same University, but it was our love for golden retrievers that ultimately brought us together, following our graduation,” Gresham told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal. “We have now been married for nine years and have three beautiful golden retrievers together.”

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Gresham is proud of her three “Gurls,” RowanOak, Remington and Idgie Ruth, and their respective personalities and quirks. RowanOak can do “push-ups,” Remington can do “kangaroo hops” and Idgie Ruth is an expert at smiling “on command.”

It seems that each of the dogs might have a gift for search-and-rescue missions, as well. The canine family recently went viral on Facebook for sniffing out a baby bird struggling to stay afloat in a backyard pool.

“The day we found the bird, I had taken the girls outside and was videoing them while they were playing. Shortly thereafter, the girls caught my attention by frantically skimming the side of our pool,” Gresham told Liftable.

“I immediately ran over and saw there was a baby fledging that had fallen into the water, and the girls were trying to help it.”

In the heartwarming video, the dogs appeared genuinely concerned for the smaller creature as it flapped its wings helplessly in the water, struggling to keep its head up. Gresham gently moved her furry friends aside so she could lift the bird out of the water with a net. She was able to return the bird to its nest.

“When I brought the bird out of the water, the girls showed so much concern for it. They were being incredibly gentle and wanted to make sure it was ok,” Gresham said.

Gresham also mentioned that this isn’t the dogs’ first encounter with an animal in need. The “Gurls” also help Gresham rescue baby rabbits and other birds.

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“It never ceases to amaze me how much concern these golden retrievers show for people and other creatures. They are so gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. They’re even empathetic,” Gresham said.

Although Gresham and her husband hope to have children someday, she knows their three beloved dogs “will always be our family.”

“I have had golden retrievers for 23 years now. I’ve come to realize what I believe is most important to them, and it’s three things: Giving love, Receiving love, & Getting TREATS!” Gresham said. “Honestly, I think they could do without the latter! All these wonderful creatures want is LOVE!”

If you’re in need of a sprinkle of puppy love in your life, you can follow the Mississippi Golden Gurls on Instagram and Facebook. Although Gresham never expected her dogs to earn such a widespread fan base, she’s thankful for the opportunity to share their adventures with others.

“Today, the mission of our social media pages is to bring joy to people across the globe, through the love we have for our goldens,” Gresham said. “Our girls bring us so much happiness every single day, so I find it only fair to share that same happiness with the world.”

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