Viral Video: Amazon Driver Follows Directions Left on Doormat, Masterfully Improvs When Husband Opens the Door


By now, a lot of people have seen the entry rugs that read “Please Hide Packages From Husband.” There are many variations on that theme, but the heart of the issue remains the same: The phrase is a little bit joking — and a little bit not.

Delivery drivers seem to be aware of the phenomenon now, too, and many of their efforts to follow the humorous request have been recorded and gone viral.

Some are valiant efforts that ultimately fall short but are as funny as the rug they’re hidden under.

“Oh my god look!” package recipient Ebony Freeman posted on Facebook in 2019. “The UPS guy actually hid it under the rug!”

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Some delivery men and women take their delivery skills and dial them up to 11, finding super-sneaky spots to stash the packages that no one would ever find if it weren’t for the delivery confirmation photo or doorbell cameras.

Cherish Longaberger posted a video of what happened when one driver took the request seriously while delivering Longaberger’s husband’s package. Both husband and wife were flummoxed when the status on the package read “delivered” but they couldn’t find it anywhere.

Then they checked their doorbell camera.

@pinkiebergOk I really didn’t expect it to happen again 🤣 this one’s for the guys- he came to hide the package too! #hideandseek #amazon #amazondrivers #mvp♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

“He was asking me if I had gotten it off the porch, and I didn’t see any packages, so we checked the Nest camera to see what happened, and that’s when we saw her hide it for us, and we just died laughing,” Longaberger told Fox News.

But one of the newest viral videos shows an Amazon deliveryman employing a brand-new tactic.

“Amazon has my back,” the caption reads.

In a clip user stephanielerin posted on TikTok, a deliveryman walks up to the door, rings the doorbell, spots the rug, tucks the package behind a potted plant and takes a photo of the delivery’s resting place.

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The twist happens when the husband opens the door in response to the doorbell, and the delivery man has to think quickly.

@stephanielerinAmazon has my back #greenscreenvideo♬ original sound – Stephanielerin

“Hey, how’s it going?” the husband asked.

“Oh hey, how’s it going?” the deliveryman replied.

“Got a package?”

“No I don’t… No I just uh… here to … tell you about the … Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

@stephanielerinReply to @gaabeenaa♬ original sound – Stephanielerin

The husband explains that they’re eating dinner, and the deliveryman apologizes, and both go on their way in an encounter so random it almost looks staged.

If this was a genuine encounter in the wild and that man came up with the excuse on the fly, it’s certainly pretty impressive — especially seeing as he was clearly wearing Amazon delivery and it would have been easy to crack.

Either way, the original poster seems to have gotten her package and caught a hilarious moment that has since gotten 34.1 million views.

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