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Watch Heartwarming Moment Dog Born with No Legs Finally Gets To Play with His Brother


For most dogs, running and playing is just part of their daily itinerary. For one dog in South Korea, running was just a far-fetched dream until a miracle changed his life.

Most dogs born without limbs are unable to survive, especially without their mothers. Thanks to the kindness of his owner, this dog — named Jjomaeng — beat the odds. In fact, Jjomaeng seems to be in perfect health despite his condition.

“When [he was] born, I cried because I felt sorry for him,” his owner’s neighbor told Kritter Klub. “The owner has been taking care of him more than her children. She loves him so much.”

Jjomaeng is certainly surrounded by love in his home, where he lives alongside his brother, Earllook, and two other dogs. Although Jjomaeng is cared for, video footage shows that he is restricted to crawling and can only watch from the sidelines as his canine friends play together.

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Without limbs to support him, Jjomaeng has trouble defending himself when the other dogs want to play a little too roughly. However, Earllook is always prepared to protect his brother, according to hk01.

In fact, Earllook seems to rarely leaves his brother’s side. When Jjomaeng is in trouble, Earllook is reportedly the first to comfort and groom him with loving licks.

His owner keeps a careful eye on Jjomaeng as well. She even brings him to work with her, where he has his own designated blanket to rest on. Although Jjomaeng can’t travel too far on his own, he has been known to wiggle off to watch the neighborhood dogs play.

“At home, it’s hard for him to go out because of the threshold. Once he goes out, he strolls around pretty well,” his owner said.

However, if Jjomaeng were to get lost while out exploring, he would be in serious trouble. Without legs to carry him home, he might not make it back at all.

Still, his owner held out hope for a solution to Jjomaeng’s problems. Eventually, her compassion paid off.

According to Kritter Klub, Jjomaeng was recently gifted a wheelchair that will help him walk and, eventually, run with his canine pals. Although crafting a wheelchair to support a dog with no limbs was a challenging process, skilled veterinarians were able to make his owner’s dream a reality.

“Thanks to everyone who cheers him on, he’ll be able to play with dogs in the front yard,” his owner said.

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The wheelchair will take some time to get used to, but Jjomaeng seems to be adjusting well. Thanks to the added support, he can walk faster than he ever could before.

When they heard the news, animal protection volunteers allegedly visited Jjomaeng’s household with even more surprises. He now has a special bed to sleep on and a ramp that will make entering and exiting the house easier for Jjomaeng.

With his new wheelchair and his loved ones to rely on, it looks like Jjomaeng is well on his way to running around with his dog friends.

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