Watch: Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants Cross US Border as Biden's Authorities Stand By Watching


La Joya, Texas, continues to face the consequences of the White House’s horrific border policies nearly one year into the crisis.

A clip from Dec. 9 shows that Border Patrol agents’ hands are essentially tied, as they are unable to do anything but wait for buses to arrive in order to process the migrants coming across from Mexico.

“Several hundred migrants have crossed illegally into La Joya, TX this morning and more are coming by the minute. Multiple Border Patrol buses are showing up for transport. Busy day. Remain in Mexico has not been reimplemented yet here in the RGV, the busiest sector,” Fox News correspondent Bill Melguin tweeted from the scene.

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The video shows agents being forced to wait idly by as migrants enter the country, only making the crisis worse.

They are not able to take decisive action just yet in the Rio Grande Valley, as Melugin noted, because the “Remain In Mexico” policy has not been reinstated in that sector of the border.

Still, the Biden administration has had to begrudgingly bring back the policy from the Trump era, which requires those who enter from Mexico illegally to stay there while they await their immigration hearing in the United States.

Should Remain in Mexico be fully reimplemented?

Based on the video above, it appears the White House is in no rush to make sure that policy goes back into full effect following the Supreme Court order saying the policy’s repeal was unconstitutional.

Only a few days earlier Fox News reported that there was a 163 percent increase in encounters since October for the sector, including 2,284 encounters on the weekend of Dec. 4.

The border started to experience surges in Feb. 2021, shortly after the White House repealed virtually all of the policies promoted by former President Donald Trump, including halting border wall construction.

At this point, the crisis is beyond frustrating — and the people in charge are nowhere to be found.

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Vice President Kamala Harris, who was appointed the border “czar,” has only visited the border one time.

She has focused her efforts on improving conditions in Central America instead — but has done almost nothing to help solve the immediate problem here on U.S. soil.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has not bothered to visit the border at all, so he likely has little idea of the gravity of the situation.

Most of the authorities at the border probably feel inclined to take stricter action to stop the influx of migrants, except the White House has left them high-and-dry with few good options.

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