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Watch: Man's Entire Arm Swallowed by Monster Fish - Look at the Strength This Creature Has


There’s something about being in the great outdoors that’s restorative, rejuvenating and — if one is into being challenged by survivalist circumstances — exhilarating.

Such may have been the case for this thrill-seeking fellow who probably learned a thing or two about fishing with his bare hands.

It’s not clear what kind of bait he might have been dangling over the water to capture the attention of what some might call a sea monster.

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However, it worked like a charm, as the enormous creature leaped up out of the water and went for the guy’s entire arm.

The fisherman had no intention of turning this one loose. He grabbed hold of a gill, and the wrestling match between man and monster ensued.

Fortunately for him, those who joined him in this adventure had no intention of letting the fish go, either.

Screaming could be heard throughout the video as a lady placed her knee on the man’s back to keep him on the dock and out of the water.

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Then someone came along and helped him pull in what may very well have been the whopper catch of the day.

He truly had some bragging rights at the dinner table that night and among his fishing pals.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a subculture of outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy catching fish with their bare hands.

And they’re all about providing tips and tricks for those who wish to join them, though the focus tends to be on catching smaller fish that only put fingers at risk — as opposed to an entire arm.

All fish do have teeth — it’s just a matter of whether a particular fish eats plants or other fish to survive, according to the Florida Museum.

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So the sport of catching fish with one’s bare hands isn’t for the faint of heart.

The fish that are the easiest to catch by hand are trout, suckers and carp moving in shallow waters for spawning, according to Field & Stream.

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