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Watch: When Owner Takes Nasty Tumble from Rooftop, Terrified Pup Does Everything It Can To Help


The bond between humans and dogs transcends place or language. Dogs are very perceptive and often know about things even before we do.

You’ve no doubt heard stories of dogs detecting cancer, and know of seizure detection dogs. But even household dogs without specialized training can display a whole lot of loyalty and concern for their owners.

Take Sissy, for example. This white miniature schnauzer was perturbed when her owner Nancy Franck “disappeared” (aka, went to the hospital for surgery). Sure, Franck’s husband, Dale, was at home taking care of Sissy and her brother, but that wasn’t good enough for Sissy.

So she got out in the dead of night and walked 20 blocks to Mercy Medical Center, ending up in the lobby but not able to figure out how to use the elevators. No one knows how she made it there, and Dale claims they’ve never walked there, so it’s not like it would be a familiar path.

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Thankfully the hospital called Dale Franck after getting his info from Sissy’s tags, and Sissy was even allowed to get to see Nancy Franck for a few minutes before being taken home again.

“She has a close relationship with Sissy,” Dale Franck told ABC News. “Sissy’s 11 now, and we bought her when she was just about 8 weeks old. She came up to me, scratched my leg and fell asleep on my shoulder. I’d say we didn’t pick her, she picked us.”

There are stories of dogs waiting just outside the hospital for their homeless owners, too. A man named César in Rio do Sul, Brazil, had to leave his four-legged companions at the door when he went in for treatment.

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One of the people who worked at the hospital named Cris Mamprim snapped a picture of the patient pups and posted it online.

“I do not know what his life is like, because he’s on the street, and I do not even want to know and judge him, but I admire the respect and love he has … Seeing them like this, waiting on the door, just shows how much they are well care and loved,” reads a translation of her post. “Oh if everyone was like this …. if there was no evil, mistreatment.”

Another man in Brazil recently suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, and his 6 dogs waited outside for him. They were worried about their owner, howling and refusing to move away.

Simone Zilane, a volunteer with a group called Amigos de Patas Cianorte, told Brazilian newspaper G1 that the dogs were “desperate” when their owner was taken away.

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“They followed the ambulance, racing after it down the roads and arrived just as Luis was being taken into the hospital,” a translation of Zilane’s statement read. “They went mad as they took him and howled non-stop at the entrance.”

When the homeless man was released, his brother picked him up and they left from another exit. The dogs, not knowing he’d left, stayed and kept watch until their owner was brought back to them.

Following the trend, this poor dog does not understand why he cannot stay with his owner. It’s a heartbreaking video, and it’s difficult to watch the pup screaming and crying as he tries to protect his master.

Apparently, his owner fell and injured himself, necessitating an emergency response team. Helpful neighbors try to contain the dog, but he doesn’t want anything to do with them and refuses to give up without a fight.

When he breaks free, he runs to his owner’s side and lies on top of him, not understanding why strangers are binding him up. Hopefully, this man recovers quickly and can get back to his dog, who has clearly proven his loyalty.

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