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Watch Sneaky Little Girl Prank Her Family When She Pretends To Have Arm Stuck in Water Jug


Babies are clever, there is no doubt about it, and they have a way of making us laugh with their adorable childlike behaviors.

This sweet and mischievous baby, with her innocent eyes and cute chubby cheeks, cannot be more than a year or so old. She is too young to attend her local arts academy yet has mastered Acting 101 on her own.

In this humorous clip, the unnamed baby girl demonstrated the art of “faking it,” using an empty 5-gallon water jug and her own arm as props.

Knowing her audience was captive, the baby girl jammed her right arm into the neck of the water jug and began to fake cry like a pro.

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The believable scene is enough to make grown adults worry and hope that everything will turn out OK.

But soon as a watchful adult stepped over to rescue her appendage from harm, the drama queen let out a big grin, followed by proud, gleeful laughter.

Her arm was not stuck at all, sliding out of the bottle as effortlessly as it went inside.

Loving the spotlight and proud of her cleverness, the baby girl repeated her antic a couple more times, resulting in laughter and disbelief that a baby really could be this smart at such a young age.

Did your children ever pretend cry just to get a reaction?

Even when very young children are not able to verbalize, they most certainly understand and can communicate, demonstrated by Miss Queen here, what is going on in their little minds.

Having a baby in the family often means the baby takes center stage, delighting the rest of us with their sweet, irresistible antics.

A popular Instagram account @babies.official regularly posts humorous content about life with babies, such as this little guy tearing apart toilet paper on the bathroom floor.

“Gavin? Are you supposed to be doing that?” his mother asked.

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The following baby has mastered the art of scooting around the home while wearing a toy bucket, seemingly knowing just where to go.

Thanks to technology, parents and grandparents are able to capture memories of these hilarious moments and effortlessly share them with relatives who may live far apart.

What funny or sweet memories from the babies in your life still remain in your heart?

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