Watch: Tucker Carlson Torches Biden's Woke Top Military Brass - 'Overweight, Middle-Aged Women'


Tucker Carlson’s recent Twitter episode stirred controversy at the start of the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

In the segment of “Tucker on Twitter,” Carlson shredded United States Assistant Secretary for Health Richard Levine, who now goes under the name Rachel Levine and whom Carlson referred to as “our country’s most famous admiral.”

Carlson began by mentioning that Levine attended Belmont Hill, an exclusive boys’ school outside of Boston, where he played football alongside another prominent official, General Mark Milley.

“Both transitioned late in life into overweight middle-aged women,” Carlson said facetiously.

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Tucker then played a video of Levine celebrating “pride” month.

In the video, Levine wished “pride” celebrations would go further than “pride” month. “Actually, let’s declare it a summer of ‘pride.’ Happy summer of ‘pride,'” Levine said.

“He’s got a lot to be proud of,” Carlson said in response to the video. “What specifically, you ask? Well, strangely, he doesn’t say.”

Carlson used the rest of the five minutes to point out the absurdity of the entire country accepting a “fat guy in a Halloween costume” in one of the highest offices in the Biden administration, reminding his viewers that not too long ago, this same man was a married pediatrician with kids.

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“Now he’s emerged as a pathbreaking lady admiral with medals on his chest. And he did all of that without winning a single naval battle … or even being female. It’s pretty inspiring,” Carlson said.

“If Rick Levine can become ‘Admiral Rachel,'” Carlson argued, “why can’t you be Napolean?”

Carlson called the transgender movement a “religious war.”

“It’s people who think they’re God versus everybody else,” he said.

“Rick Levine doesn’t worry about being punished by forces he can’t see — he knows he’s in charge. He makes the rules. He sets the limits. Reality is what he says it is,” he said.

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Carlson’s monologue was more than an attack on Levine. The point of his monologue was to point out how easily the transgender faction has turned around both God’s law and the laws of nature. They have forced their beliefs on the rest of society, not just to be tolerated as one idea or belief, but to be accepted and followed as the only way to believe and feel.

Carlson kept the end of his monologue open-ended, presumably because he realized that the outcome of this onslaught on the very fundamentals of who we are as humans is still unknown.

The decision lies with the millions of humans who do not believe the lies of the tiny godless faction of society and yet are willing to bow to the dictates of this “new religion” out of fear.

Will the religion of transgenderism succeed in converting humanity?

The jury is still out on that one.

“For seven million years, human beings have believed one thing — presumably based on some evidence,” Carlson said at the end of his monologue. “Around 2015, they became convinced of something completely different. Are they right? Feels like we’re going to find out soon.”

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Rachel Emmanuel has served as the director of content on a Republican congressional campaign and writes content for a popular conservative book franchise.
Rachel M. Emmanuel has served as the Director of Content on a Republican Congressional campaign and writes for a popular Conservative book franchise.