Watching Biden Try To Recite the Declaration Is Worse Than Barney Fife Trying To Recite the Preamble


Has he always been this way?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a history of being gaffe-prone.

The gaffes have been on full display as he campaigns to become the Democratic Party nominee for president.

On Monday, Biden put the spotlight on his issues once again when he struggled to quote the Declaration of Independence.

As many have noted, it was painful to watch.

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Is this really the guy the Democratic Party wants to put up against President Donald Trump?

As the campaign continues, it seems like there are daily episodes of the former vice president suffering some cringeworthy mental lapse.

Despite denials from Biden, he seems to have difficulty keeping things straight. At the very least, he appears to be out of touch. At worst, he is actually suffering from memory loss.

Perhaps the pressure of the campaign is getting to him. Perhaps he is simply being more thoroughly covered by the media.

Either way, many people are getting nervous about Biden’s competency.

Biden has always been a politician who is not afraid to say radical things to attack his opponents.

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Even taking that into consideration, it is hard not to feel sorry for him here. Some of his statements are so ridiculous they seem more like jokes.

It is almost like the Biden campaign took a page from “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Biden would provide almost as much comic relief as Barney Fife if he were not a contender for the presidency. In this context, his blunders are disturbing.

Even when he is zoned in and knows what state he is in and what office he is running for, Biden still makes some pretty bizarre statements.

Over the past year, more people are noticing that this goes beyond the “crazy old Joe” adage. There are indicators that he just not mentally sound.

With the primary field narrowing, some in the Democratic Party are sounding the alarm bell about the candidacy of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders has steadily gained steam with a platform that has implications not just for the November election but for the future of the Democratic Party.

There are plenty of people who think handing control over to a democratic socialist will be a blow from which the party cannot recover.

The truth is sinking in that Sanders is not preaching a moderate message of unity like that of the successful 2008 Obama campaign.

Sanders’ message is one of radical change that a majority of the country may not be ready to embrace.

As the Democratic establishment panics over the thought of a Sanders candidacy, it seems to be lurching desperately toward any perceived moderate with a chance of surpassing his delegate count.

The other candidates who had been vying for the moderate vote, mainly Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, have fallen into line and endorsed Biden.

Even the people who were less moderate and more crazy have offered endorsements for Biden over Sanders.

But what would a Biden vs. Trump election look like?

Various polls conducted during the primary season have suggested that Biden would have an edge in key states in a head-on matchup with Trump.

However, if there is a lesson to be learned from 2016, it is that polls can be wrong, especially when it comes to Donald Trump.

Do you think Joe Biden is fit to be president?

Biden seems to be the last hope of desperate moderates, so much so that they are willing to overlook serious weaknesses including his abysmal track record in presidential primary contests.

There is a reason that some within the Democratic Party have warned that Biden is not the answer.

Trump speaks for hours on end and runs on a seemingly limitless supply of energy. In a general election, this would provide a stark contrast to Biden.

Every time Biden finishes speaking, his team breathes a sigh of relief. It’s difficult to see such a campaign prevailing over Trump.

Even though he denies that he is slipping mentally, Biden himself has acknowledged that his age is an issue.

Given all of these concerns, the Biden vice presidential pick may be one of the most consequential decisions of the election.

But first, he has to beat Sanders. After Super Tuesday, we will see if he has the stamina to stick it out, much less face up to Trump.

In the meantime, he could take a lesson from Barney Fife and only quote what he knows.

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Natalie received her law degree and MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas. She began writing for The Western Journal in 2020.
Natalie received her law degree and MA in Political Science from the University of Arkansas. She began writing for The Western Journal in 2020.