Will Joe Biden Be Missing from One State's Primary Ballot? DNC Chair Slams 'Mind-Boggling' Move


Amid all the infighting in the Republican Party about whom to back in the 2024 election, a civil war has also broken out in the Democratic Party, and it may derail President Joe Biden’s 2024 hopes.

The fighting was sparked by a move by Biden to upend the primary calendar for the upcoming election cycle.

According to Fox News, the Democratic National Committee is pushing to have South Carolina hold the first primary, as opposed to New Hampshire, in an attempt to give more initial representation to non-white voters. The DNC was expected to vote on the proposal at its winter meeting on Saturday.

But many Democrats, especially those from New Hampshire, are furious about the idea.

New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley called it “mind-boggling” and said it was “so clearly detrimental to the fortunes of Democratic candidates’ ability to win in November of 2024 in such a battleground state.”

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Apparently, this is an attempt by the Democrats to give Biden a better start to his 2024 run than he had in 2020. Back then, he came in fifth in the New Hampshire primary and fourth in the Iowa caucuses before bouncing back in a big win in South Carolina.

So giving South Carolina the first primary may get his campaign off the ground, but it may also end up having the opposite effect, as New Hampshire still plans to hold the first primary without the approval of the president.

New Hampshire’s Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has already said “we’re going first no matter what” and, according to Buckley, if Biden doesn’t like it he “will not file for election in the New Hampshire primary, which will still go first.”

This means that the incumbent president may not even be on the ballot in the first primary of the 2024 election cycle!

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Even if Biden still managed to get the Democratic Party’s nomination in spite of this embarrassment, the Republicans could exploit the divisions within the party to win New Hampshire in the general election, which would be a massive blow to the Democrats.

“Republicans have already begun to attack Democrats over this proposed calendar,” Buckley told Fox, “and we expect them to use it as a wedge for New Hampshire’s fiercely independent electorate going into 2024.”

Biden is already faced with a huge political battle looming in 2024. Former President Donald Trump has launched his campaign, and there is talk that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may run as well. Both men are more than capable of beating Biden in a general election.

But now Biden is having to deal with a battle inside his own party.

Worse, he may not even be on the ballot in the first primary of 2024 if New Hampshire just holds a rogue primary against his wishes.

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Needless to say, this would be a massive misstep by the Democrats, and it may hurt Biden’s chances in both the primaries and the general election.

The 2024 election cycle is already shaping up to be quite an interesting affair.

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