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'WJ Live': Special Guests Diamond and Silk Answer How Others Can Find Courage To 'Ditch and Switch'

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On this episode of “WJ Live,” George Upper, Josh Manning, Andrew J. Sciascia and special guests Diamond and Silk discuss whether or not God’s sovereignty affects Christians’ responsibility to vote and how Diamond and Silk’s story can encourage other people to leave the “Democrat Plantation.”

Quotes from this episode:

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“Here’s the deal, Jim Crow Joe is the clown because he’s the one been calling around for the last 47 years in government, skimming from the top and leaving people left at the bottom.” — Diamond and Silk

“Jim Crow Joe Biden ain’t looking out for no religious freedom. He said he could care less. You see how they took God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, that should’ve woke up everybody.” — Diamond and Silk

“One thing I love about President Trump, it’s about America First: ‘I’m going to remove all of this regulation. I’m going got to cut this red tape, so these businesses can stay right here.’ Remember, Obama and his administration said: ‘You will have to wave a magic wand.’ Well, I guess that magic wand must have been President Donald J. Trump.” — Diamond and Silk

“If Jim Crow Joe get in office, he is going to fundamentally change this country for the worse. You’re going to be living the American nightmare, not the American dream.” — Diamond and Silk

Relevant sources:

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Get Diamond and Silk’s bestselling book “Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch?” | Diamond and Silk bookstore

Don’t miss an episode of “WJ Live” by getting it delivered directly to your inbox! Subscribe to the “WJ Live” newsletter.

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