Woman Buys Jeep Online. Then Seller Comes to Her House and Gets Very Violent


Doing any kind of business or exchange with complete strangers can either turn out to be a good or terrible experience. Scammers exist all over the world, but the internet fosters some of the worst ones.

While some good has come out of using websites like Craigslist, the bad always makes headlines.

This is mainly because of the unusual and absurd schemes posters create every single day to get over on innocent people.

In March, one woman from Tulsa, Oklahoma devised the perfect crime against one car buyer.

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Detectives say that Alyson Ry Moore sold her red Jeep to a lady, but then suddenly changed her mind.

Within just a few days of the sale, Moore came to the woman’s apartment and got very violent with her.

The victim told police that Moore and a male suspect broke into her house with a baseball bat demanding the vehicle back.

In defense, the buyer fought Moore. She managed to grab the bat from the crazed seller and hit her on the head with it.

When that happened, the unknown man charged in and held the victim at gunpoint. Outnumbered and fearful of losing her life, the victim eventually complied to their demands.

Moore and her accomplice got away with the keys, a cellphone, and the jeep. As for the victim, she thankfully survived the invasion.

Police were soon looking for the perpetrators who were on the run with the stolen vehicle. They wanted to bring Moore in “on two counts of robbery, one count of burglary and one count of auto theft.”

Apparently, the jeep was later found, though Moore and the man were still on the loose. Sadly, it had incurred some serious damages.

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The entire setup was definitely one of the most uncommon robberies Sergent Brandon Watkins said he’s ever seen.

“Generally, people don’t try to do their own repose using a ball bat,” he told Fox 23 News.

The details of the initial sale between the two women have not be revealed by detectives.

However, they said it’s just a reminder to stay cautious when making exchanges with complete strangers. You just never know who may be setting you up for the perfect crime.

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