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Woman Caught on Camera Pushing Dairy Truck Uphill During Snowstorm

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A woman from Cowdenbeath, Scotland, is being called “a real-life superwoman” after a stunt she recently pulled on a snowy road.

Getting ready to go shopping with her two kids and her dog, Charlene Leslie noticed a car struggling up the road. People went out of their way to help push the vehicle, but as she watched, she saw another vehicle beginning to struggle behind it.

“A load of people were trying to push a car up the hill when I noticed the Graham’s truck coming behind it,” she recounted to the Central Fife Times.

“Its front wheels were spinning, and it was stuck from all the snow. My neighbour appeared, so I asked her to watch the kids and the dog while I pushed it from the back.”

But this was no small, personal car — the vehicle she was “pushing” was a massive Graham’s Dairy truck. A person nearby filmed as she appeared to single-handedly push the truck up the hill.

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When the video was posted, the internet was thrown into an uproar.

“Just your average cowdenbeath woman pushing a lorry up a hill,” Fife jammer locations posted on Facebook.

“Someone’s been eating their Protein 22 yogurts,” the Graham’s Dairy page posted.

Plenty of viewers found the video amusing, while others chimed in to point out just how poorly things could have gone if the truck had started rolling backward.

The video made it to the chairman of Graham’s Dairy, Robert Graham, who voiced his thanks while also pleading with others not to try something similar.

“When I saw the video of Charlene pushing one of our artic lorries up a steep hill singlehandedly, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “As a family we are passionate about our fresh dairy products and like us, she will clearly stop at nothing to ensure they get delivered to our customers!

“Charlene’s intentions were incredibly kind. She not only made our family, farmers and colleagues smile, but clearly captured the hearts of thousands of people across the world who also watched her help others, without a thought for her own safety.

“Although she is a real-life superwoman, for health and safety reasons we must advise others not to follow her actions. As a heartfelt thank you, Charlene and her family will receive our milk and high protein dairy products free for the rest of the year.”

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Leslie was thrilled to meet the chairman and receive the generous gift of dairy.

“It was lovely to meet Mr. Graham as I’m a huge fan of the family farming brand and their products,” she said. “I really didn’t help out to receive anything in return, but I am absolutely delighted at their offer of free Graham’s dairy products for a year.”

She sees now that her actions were probably quite dangerous, but she maintains that she just wanted to help.

“I would never just stand by when I see someone in trouble,” Leslie said. “I suppose what I did was really dangerous, but thankfully the Graham’s truck got safely up the hill.

“In the moment I wasn’t really thinking about me, I just wanted to help.”

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