Woman Flushes Trash Down Toilet, Left Horrified Realizing Engagement Ring Was Inside

Haleigh Morrissey and Dean Booras are planning to marry in May. Like any other couple, these lovebirds have probably had situations test the strength of their relationship.

But, just recently, one awful mistake really made the two reevaluate the love they have for one another. Well, it all started in the bathroom of their home.

Morrissey was putting on suntan lotion when she called for her fiancé to help remove her engagement ring.

She didn’t want it to become stained, so Booras rinsed it off and placed it inside a folded tissue.

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A little while later, Morrissey came back to clean the bathroom. Without even thinking, she flushed some trash down the toilet.

Soon after, fear set in. Booras and his fiancée were left horrified after realizing her ring was also inside that discarded trash.

In a panic, the couple turned to their neighbor Ken Gunari, who was also able to get assistance from his sons and other neighbors.

For the next 48 hours, the team of inexperienced plumbers tried retrieving the ring.

They used a rental plumber’s snake to push through the pipeline. Attached to the tool was a camera, which eventually spotted the engagement ring surrounded by thick roots.

Everyone had hoped the roots would “keep the ring from making it to the sewer main,” but just in case, they decided to track down the end of the pipeline.

Using another rental device called a pipe locator, they were able to find the closest point to the main entrance of the sewer.

After uncovering the pipe, they flushed water down the toilet in hopes to push the ring through the pipe. One of the guys decided to make a filter filled with mesh to catch the ring as the water came rushing out.

The makeshift filter worked and caught the ring! When one of the guys brought it back to the couple, they couldn’t stop screaming from pure joy.

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The entire ordeal showed Morrissey just how much Booras loved her.

At the end of the day, he knew their love meant so much more than the materialistic value of the ring.

“It’s what that ring symbolizes that really matters,” he said. “When you come to turns with that, it’s liberating.”

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