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Woman Left in Hysterics After She Says PetSmart Couldn't Finish Grooming Dog

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There have been a multitude of stories and memes addressing the phenomenon of people being excited to go back to salons and handling their hair situations until they can.

Most people who don’t have experience in styling don’t do a great job with the quarantine cuts, and the results have been both embarrassing and terribly amusing.

But there’s been a similar trend for pets — specifically, dogs that need regular haircuts. Most owners aren’t prepared to trim their pup’s coats, and many pups don’t like having their hair done.

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Like Cheddar. Cheddar is a small, white, fluffy pooch who is 8 years old and recently was a bit cross with his hairstylist.

Plenty of dogs can get snappy with groomers — clippers and strange people and scary noises can be traumatizing, especially if the dogs have had a bad past experience.

But Cheddar mostly behaved himself until he didn’t. The result of his half-completed haircut put his owner in stitches.

“Petsmart finally opened up for grooming so I took cheddar to get a much needed cut from his groomer,” owner Lisa Torres posted June 18 on Facebook. “A couple minutes later I get a call from her saying she couldn’t do his cut because he bit her twice.

“Now I have to walk around with this dude looking crazy. I swear when i say i had tears in my eyes and stomach pains from laughing so hard.

“I couldn’t even leave the parking lot for a good 10 minutes because I had to get myself together. I’m about to give this dude up for adoption. Lol.”

The pup was left sporting a body shave and a mostly untouched head poof. Poor Cheddar’s eyes weren’t even visible through his frizzy white mop.

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The post has been shared over 161,000 times, and people have found the dog’s current hairstyle hilarious. Torres shared his “official” Facebook page, and has said that all the fame has gone to his large, fluffy head.

“He thinks because he went viral I work for him now,” she posted in an update. “Got me feeding him his hot dogs. Smh.”

Not everyone has found the situation so amusing, with at least one woman messaging Torres to say that she didn’t find the post very funny and stating that “your dog bit someone he needs to be put to sleep.”

Torres clarified that Cheddar nipped at the groomer, and reassured people that what she was laughing at was her dog’s appearance, not the fact that he snapped at someone.

“For those who don’t understand I DID NOT laugh at the groomer being bit,” she wrote. “No blood was drawn or mark was left. It was the hairstyle that he now has to walk around with.”

It’s unclear if Cheddar was able to get his look evened out — (The Western Journal reached out to PetSmart for comment but did not hear back in time for publication of this article) — but maybe he will start a new trend!

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