Woman Riding Tricycle Gets Trapped in Raging River, Firefighters Work to Save Her


A woman was riding a tricycle across a bridge that was already flooding with water from the river below.

Somehow, the woman managed to fall off the bike into the river and was quickly trapped by the raging current.

Onlookers watched as the helpless woman was pushed into a tree and and forced to cling to it for her life.

Working against the clock, rescuers soon arrived to try and figure out how to pull her from the danger.

Firefighters attempted to extend the arm of an excavator out to the tree in the middle of the river.

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However, the woman was unable to reach the machine, leaving rescuers to come up with a more creative solution.

One firefighter boarded the excavator bucket and was extended out to the woman.

But even with the man reaching out to her, it was still not enough to ensure that she would be rescued safely.

Soon, another rescuer tied to a rope and wearing a life jacket waded out into the water to lend a hand.

Another rope was also tied to the woman and the excavator to make sure she wouldn’t fall.

The second rescuer slowly made his way to the front of the excavator, fighting against the water.

Thinking fast, he then made himself into a human bridge for the woman to hopefully step across.

Finally, the method worked after the 30 or so minutes rescuers spent trying to help.

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She and the firefighter on the excavator were safely lifted over the river and back to safety.

From there, the woman was immediately transferred to the hospital. Doctors have confirmed that she did not have any serious injuries.

Thank God for the brave rescuers who risked their lives in the treacherous river to help her!

And thank goodness she was able to hold onto the tree until rescuers could safely save her.

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