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Woman Who Walked 24 Miles Every Day in Order To Keep Job Surprised with New Car


A South Carolina woman who had to walk 12 miles to and from work each day has been given a new car, thanks to a kind-hearted co-worker who was inspired by her hard work.

Three months ago, when her old vehicle suffered a broken transmission and radiator, Darlene Quinn, 60, started walking to work, according to a GoFundMe campaign set up for her.

The FedEx facility where Quinn is employed as a package handler, alongside fellow her co-worker Josh Lewis, was 12 miles from her home.

But in spite of the distance, every day, rain or shine, Quinn would make the trek. Rather than give up and quit, the dedicated worker chose to walk the 24 miles there and back in order to keep putting food on the table.

“She walks in the rain, in the cold, in whatever weather condition she has to in order to get to work and support herself,” Lewis wrote in the GoFundMe he set up for Quinn.

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Lewis and his boss have been offering Quinn rides as often as possible, he explained.

“Any time we pick her up and ask her where does she need to go and she always tells us, Walmart. She gets just enough groceries for that day because that is all she can carry,” he wrote.

“She is so humble and grateful for the rides we have been giving her. Often she asks if she can give us gas money, to which we always in the most polite way tell her no.”

But he and his co-workers weren’t satisfied by giving Quinn a lift every now and then; Lewis wanted to do more.

“Darlene has been working 6 days a week for months now to try and save up enough money to buy a reliable car to get back and forth from work,” he wrote.

“Honestly I admire her! I can’t even begin to imagine having to walk that far, then work at a very physically demanding job, then turn around and walk 12 miles back home.”

Inspired by Quinn’s determination, Lewis decided to ask his co-workers — and a fair number of strangers — for help.

He created a GoFundMe in order to raise money to buy Quinn the car she so badly needed.

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“Will you come beside Ms. Darlene to show her what the hands and feet of God really means?” he wrote, adding, “Will you help to show Darlene that there really are good people in this world, in our community, and in our places of work?”

The community responded with a resounding “yes!” and in about a week, over 100 people pitched in to raise the funds for the new car.

All that was left was to surprise Quinn.

In an emotional video, Lewis pulled the 60-year-old aside and shared the news. Immediately, she broke down in tears.

“It was amazing,” Lewis told Greenville News. “She just started bawling crying and saying how she can’t believe that this is happening to her.”

“I told her she’s just an inspiration. I know I don’t think I would walk 12 miles just to go to work or to come home from work on a daily basis.”

After Lewis posted the sweet video and photos of Quinn and her new car on Facebook, their story attracted hundreds of comments of support.

But Lewis stayed humble as messages of praise poured in, recognizing him for the act of kindness. He wasn’t interested in the recognition and said he had only wanted to bless Quinn.

The kind co-worker expressed gratitude that so many people had come together to make this special woman’s dream come true.

“I don’t deserve the glory and recognition for this. Each and every person in this community stood up to take care of one of our own,” he said.

All the extra money raised will go to help Quinn pay the taxes, maintenance and insurance costs on the vehicle, according to the GoFundMe page.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ