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KFC Surprises Mom Who Walked an Hour to Work Each Day for a Year with New Car


There are plenty of company-specific programs out there that recognize and aid needy families, focusing on helping their own who have put in the time and effort and could still use a little help.

The KFC Foundation is one of those organizations that was developed to help the community and its own employees enjoy more of life.

“It started with a hitchhiker who happened to be a college student,” the foundation’s website reads. “The Colonel gave him a ride and a full scholarship. That act of kindness inspired the KFC Foundation, an independent 501c3 organization, which has since provided over $20 million to more than 6,400 students and KFC Restaurant employees.”

“Today, the heart of what the KFC Foundation does is care for restaurant employees. Thanks to the generous support of KFC Franchisees, with additional support from KFC Corporation, the Foundation provides a spectrum of charitable programs for KFC frontline workers, including education, hardship assistance and personal finance programs.”

One of the newest programs the foundation offers is called “Kentucky Fried Wishes,” and it aims to grant the wishes of deserving employees.

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The rules are simple: “Starting May 15, 2019, anyone can nominate an eligible KFC restaurant employee for a Kentucky Fried Wish. The wish could be big or small; need-based or life-enhancing. Examples of requests include dental work, a car, debt relief, a meaningful experience… the possibilities are (almost) endless!”

Some of the employees at a KFC in Salem, Oregon, heard about the program and thought of one of their coworkers, Crystal Lachance.

While she worked weekends, she had no other way to get to the restaurant other than on her own two feet, according to CBS News. That may not have been a huge issue if she’d lived in the neighborhood, but the walk took her an hour each way — and she kept that up for a year.

Obviously, she is dedicated to her job, but she also has a 9-year-old son, and the extra time away could be easily solved if she could get a set of wheels.

So, her boss nominated her, and on Sept. 24, she showed up to work to find a life-changing gift waiting for her.

“I went to work this morning and got surprised with a brand new car,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “[A]pparently my boss Miranda entered me in a drawing a few months ago and I won this brand new car.”

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“This made my day I have been struggling a lot this year but haven’t gave up and have been working very hard, I finally went in and got my permit and have been trying to save up to buy a car. Now I have a car and the owner of KFC is going to be paying six months of insurance for me.”

“I feel so blessed today and I just love my job and my boss Miranda, she’s seriously is the best boss ever! so a big thank you to KFC, Dave, and my favorite boss ever Miranda!!!!” she said.

“My boy loves our new car thank you KFC, Miranda, and Dave!” she added later on Sept. 24.

A car for Lachance makes all the difference in the world, and who knows what her future could hold now, thanks to her hard work and determination and the kindness of those she works for.

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