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3-Year-Old Can't Believe It When Mom Says She Ate All His Halloween Candy in Adorable Video


A mom’s video of her Halloween prank is going viral after her 3-year-old son had an adorable response when she told him she’d eaten all his candy.

Jilliann Grouse couldn’t resist teasing her little boy after this year’s spooky festivities.

When 3-year-old Rutledge walked into the kitchen for his breakfast the morning after Halloween, the mischievous mom pulled out her phone and started recording.

“You know how I put you to bed last night?” she said in the Facebook video, which she posted Friday.

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“Well, I got really hungry and I ate all of your candy.”

At first, Rutledge had an expression of complete disbelief on his face, and he turned his head, as if to look at where his candy should have been waiting for him.

Then, he laughed.

“You’re just joking,” the smart little boy said. “You didn’t eat all of my candy.”

But Grouse continued the ruse.

“I did,” she insisted. “I was really hungry.”

“I’m really sorry,” she added, somehow managing not to laugh at her son’s horrified face.

Walking to the refrigerator, the 3-year-old opened it and pointed inside.

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“Well, you should eat some food from in here,” he said, appearing heartbroken at the thought that all his hard-earned treats were gone.

But that’s when Rutledge surprised his mother with the sweetest response.

He walked up to his mother, brought his face just inches away from hers and said, “Mommy, I’m not — I’m not mad at you. It’s OK.”

The heart-melting moment is too adorable for words. While many children would have been upset by the prank, the little boy almost immediately extended forgiveness to his mama in a lovely act of kindness:

Grouse said her baby boy is known for his sweet spirit in their household, but his response surprised even her.

“My boy is famous for being an understanding angel!” she wrote on Facebook.

“I was seriously blown away by just how sweet he was about it! I knew he would be understanding but not to that extent. It made my mama heart so proud!” she told KRIV.

In response to some comments about whether or not the joke was a good idea, Grouse assured viewers that it was just a simple prank and Rutledge’s feelings weren’t hurt in the least.

“Right after the video, I smothered him in kisses and we ate candy for breakfast!” she told KRIV.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ