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Woman Whose Boyfriend Reportedly Sold Her Puppy While She Was at Work Reunited with Beloved Pet


When Ashley Farley, 25, first adopted an adorable Pomeranian named Ella, she fell in love instantly.

The tiny furball of joy helped ease Farley’s loneliness after moving from Nevada to Los Angeles to pursue a music career.

“As soon as I saw her, I just felt this connection that I’ve never felt with any other dog I’ve had,” Farley told KCAL-TV.

Farley thought she had also made a positive connection with her new boyfriend, who she had been dating for about three months.

But upon returning from work on June 11, Farley was shocked to find that her boyfriend had turned on her in a revengeful way that left her heartbroken.

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While Farley had been at work, her boyfriend reportedly created an advertisement on Craigslist with false information about Ella, saying the dog needed a new home.

“Trying to find a new home for my gorgeous little princess,” the advertisement read. “Just got a new job, so I have to move across the country and my new place does not allow dogs of any kind.”

The ad gave some information on Ella’s size and medical history, and listed an asking price of $600 dollars for the dog.

Would you have returned the dog without asking for money?

When Farley found out what her spiteful boyfriend had supposedly done, she was shattered.

“He smiled at me with this, like, really spiteful look and was like, ‘Well, babe, I sold her while you were at work … and you’re never going to see her again,'” Farley told Inside Edition.

Farley said he then broke up with her and went back to his home in Florida, even sending her video footage later that evening of Ella enjoying her new adoptive family.

“I can’t explain the empty feeling I felt and how I felt my heart just drop to the bottom of my stomach,” Farley said.

Farley frantically began trying to track Ella down, hoping that maybe whoever adopted her would have the heart to give her back.

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“I felt like a hole had been punctured through my heart, like part of me was missing,” she said.

Farley’s story made the local news, and the couple who bought a dog from Craigslist realized the cute Pomeranian was Ella, and rightfully belonged to Farley.


To her great relief, Farley was reunited with Ella. The people who had adopted her did not make a big fuss about returning the dog, nor did they ask Farley to buy her back.

They just handed her over to the woman who dearly missed her pup, taking the loss on whatever amount they had paid for the Pomeranian.

“They were the sweetest people I have met,” Farley said.

As for the ex-boyfriend, Farley was happy to report that he is long gone, across the country and out of her life.

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