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Woman's Windshield Shatters While She's Driving When Catfish Smashes Through Glass

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There are all sorts of things that can cause your windshield to crack: Rocks kicked up by vehicles ahead of you, unsecured items flying out of truckbeds, and particularly brutal hail are all fairly common culprits.

But a catfish? Now that’s a new one — and without photographic evidence, one mom from Beaufort, North Carolina, might’ve been accused of making up the story.

“It was one of those slow-motion moments in life,” Rhesa Walston told WCIV-TV in Charleston, South Carolina. “I saw the fish and I saw him drop it.”

The “him” in this case happened to be a bird of prey flying overhead. If she hadn’t noticed the bird poised above her and seen the dropped meal as it fell, she might not have believed it herself.

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“[I] just remember jumping out of my car and thinking I have got to go find the fish because it bounced when it hit my car, ’cause I am thinking, ‘Who is going to believe me?'” she said.

But fall it did, and the heavy fish shattered her windshield, sending dangerous fragments all over the front inside of the car.

“There was glass all over my front seat…glass on my lap,” Walston stated.

Thankfully, she and her daughter, who was in the back seat, were fine, and her daughter didn’t even seem too surprised by the incident.

“She just looked up from her tablet and said, ‘Your window is broke,’ and went right back to her tablet,” Walston said.

“Soooo. . . .I hit a catfish on the way home from my moms tonight,” she posted on Facebook on Dec. 18. “Thank you to Brandi Barrow and Stuart Barrow for coming to help me and finding the fish. . .because really who would believe me if I didn’t have the fish.”

The windshield is being repaired, though Walston had to pay a $250 deductible. Many have pointed out that this story looks like it would fit in perfectly with popular insurance company advertisements that show unbelievable scenarios.

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“My husband tried to look up what are the odds of hitting a fish with your car,” she said. “We could find only one other news story.”

It’s safe to say she probably won’t experience a repeat incident, but the crazy tale has traveled pretty far.

“So after 98k shares and counting, I have been contacted by two TV stations that are not even local to Eastern NC,” Walston posted on Dec. 20. “So my greatest worry now is getting on National TV and sounding like a bumpkin. However it is difficult to explain this situation and not sound like hick.”

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