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World-Famous Comedian Reveals the Moment God's Wake-Up Call Changed His Life - He's Lucky to Be Alive

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Kevin Hart had reached a season in his life when he could have pretty much anything he wanted.

His gift for making people laugh had made him a man who was sought after, rich and famous.

“The biggest drug — it’s not cocaine, it’s not heroin, it’s not Molly or opioids. The biggest drug is fame,” he said during the Jan. 9 episode of “On Purpose with Jay Shetty.”

“When you’re winning and you’re succeeding, there’s this idea that everything is right. There’s this idea that perfection has now presented itself, and life moving forward is going to be just an easy road,” the comedian said.

The way he described it, he was “just roaming” through life.

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“I’m out here aimlessly living, and I’m moving so fast I’ve yet to grasp the true concept and reality of responsibility,” he said.

But that all changed when Hart was in a car crash that nearly took his life back in 2019.

He was faced with a long recovery involving back surgery and physical therapy so that he would be able to stand and walk again, according to Christian Today.

Hart said the accident made him pause and recognize what truly matters because “I really almost died.”

“There’s nothing more humbling than the realization of what is really necessary,” he said.

“I got a lot more appreciation after life was almost gone. Like, do you really appreciate your toes? Do you really appreciate your fingers? Like, do you really think about your movement, your joints, vision, smell? Do you really think about how fortunate and lucky you are?”

Not only did Hart take a good look at how blessed he was to be alive, but he also came to a deeper realization of how important family is. Since that time, he said slowing down and spending time with his family has become more of a priority.

“What really matters? That’s when my mindset started to change. That’s when you go, ‘OK, my approach to just me and working on me, it needs to be different.'”

Hart said he believes in God, and though he may not be as spiritual as others, he’s grateful.

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“I’m very thankful for the life that God has allowed me to live and the opportunities that I’ve been able to embark upon,” he said.

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