Young Not Stupid: Biden's Inauguration Gives Us a Preview of Who Is Back in the White House


The Biden Inaugural Committee announced that Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and John Legend will be featured in musical performances as part of Wednesday’s festivities, signaling the return of A-listers to the White House.

While this may seem like a shallow observation, it serves as an interesting reminder that liberals currently dominate popular culture. This is not an inherently bad thing, except when people use their celebrity status to patronize for political purposes.

Lady Gaga herself went viral in October for a strange video she posted of her wearing camouflage in front of a pick-up truck … while attempting to shotgun a beer. The obvious pandering was not only offensive, but divisive.

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Her video seemed like a humiliating attempt to win over conservative voters or to blatantly mock them. Regardless, her singing the national anthem at the inauguration following the incident would arguably run contrary to President-elect Joe Biden’s empty platitudes about unity and restoring the soul of America.

Back when I acted, conservatives usually had to keep their mouths shut and hope nobody found out what their views were. Many of us got in the habit of self-censoring in order to blend in — a practice I saw especially common with stand-up comedians who were terrified of being canceled due to the hostile nature of political correctness.

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Perhaps worst of all was when creatives would habitually virtue signal for progressive causes in order to hide their privately expressed bigotry.

Conservatives can explicitly make inroads in the arts as they would with any other industry. Not every conservative actor or singer has to make their politics their identity to make an impact. Just take a look at actress Patricia Heaton or country singer Sara Evans.

Both have not been afraid to hide their views when asked about them, and each has been able to influence the entertainment industry in their own right.

The Daily Wire’s Elisha Krauss explained last week how conservatives can make their mark in the industry without falling into corny stereotypes. This comes as The Daily Wire launched their film “Run Hide Fight” this week — a thriller about a high school student who uses her knowledge about survival to navigate a school shooting.

“.@realDailyWire didn’t enter into the movie world w/ kid gloves on. They invested in a film that would be mainstream in style, creativity, & acting. Take note! We can be in entertainment w/o making typical ‘conservative’ content. We can make good content! #runhidefight,” Krauss tweeted Thursday.

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“Run Hide Fight’s” reception perfectly exemplified what it means to put out quality work in Hollywood as a conservative media company. The film received a 14 percent score from critics but a 97 percent audience score, meaning that while Hollywood hated it, people loved it.

The power of liberals in the industry did not stop them from making the film, which turned out to be a success on the consumer end.

Cultural icons coming to the forefront during Democratic administrations is not new and shows no signs of stopping. However, celebrities should be mindful of how their rhetoric frequently comes across as condescending to those of us who are not progressives living in the Hollywood Hills.

As for conservatives in entertainment who are scared into silence, hopefully, more producers and directors will emerge that embrace ideological diversity among their cast and crew.

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