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Adorable Puppy Steals Dentures, Leaves Internet in Hysterics: Video


Every person who has owned more than one dog knows that no two are exactly alike. Some breeds have pretty consistent traits, but each individual has its own quirks as well.

Poodles, for example, are regarded as very intelligent dogs — they also feature in many modern crossbreeds because they create offspring that shed very little and are as close to hypoallergenic as a dog can get.

Jack Russell terriers are fierce little scrappers: Big dogs crammed into little dog packages. They’re incorrigible, determined and high-energy.

Combine the two and you get … Milo.

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Milo is a Jack Russell/poodle mix owned by Stacie Owen of Llandudno, Wales. At just 8 months old, he’s already brimming with character and adorable naughtiness.

It’s fitting that his Facebook “About” page simply states “Milo and his mischievous behavior,” because he certainly appears to get into trouble.

“Hello interneterzz,” his first post on Instagram reads. “I’m Milo the 7 month old Jackapoo or PooJack.”

“I am a small boy wif a big heart! Hoping to make you smile.”

One of the things the intelligent little pup has taken to recently is opening drawers. Thought you could pop something into a drawer and shut it for safekeeping? Not when Milo’s around.

According to Owens, she knew something was up one day when the house got oddly quiet — a universal indicator of trouble brewing for parents of both children and sneaky dogs.

“I wondered why he went quiet and found him in the bedroom with my mum’s old dentures,” Owens said, according to the Daily Mail.

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“He likes to hold things in his mouth, he feels very proud when he has something. Whenever we go on a walk he will always bring something home.”

She filmed the discovery on June 11, and couldn’t help but bust up laughing in the video that soon went viral.

The clip highlights Milo, who slowly turns to reveal a set of human chompers displayed nonchalantly.

He doesn’t seem to understand why Owens is making such a big fuss, and keeps looking at the camera with his ridiculous grin.

He was loathe to give the set back, and dodged Owen’s grab, but hopefully the pup eventually gave up his prize find. Who knows what he’ll find next!

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