Another State Ditches Mask Mandate


Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu will not renew his state’s coronavirus mask mandate after it expires on Friday.

“As fatalities continue to decline, as hospitalizations remain manageable, and as vaccinations continue to increase, the state’s mask mandate will not be renewed tomorrow,” he tweeted Thursday.

The governor underscored that private businesses can still require customers to wear masks, but there is no statewide mandate.

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While panic-stoking Democrats hyperventilate whenever a state lifts its mask mandate, it bears pointing out that anyone who wants to wear a mask around the clock is free to do so. No one is stopping them.

“This mandate going away will not limit or prevent the ability of private businesses or cities and towns from requiring masks, as was the case beforehand,” Sununu tweeted.

“New Hampshire residents know how to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe without a state mandate — just as we did before the winter surge.”

New Hampshire now becomes the 13th state to lift its mask mandate amid a growing movement of Americans who are disgusted by flip-flopping “experts” who keep moving the goalposts for when the nation can resume some semblance of normalcy.

On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the state’s Democratic governor, Tony Evers, abused his authority when he imposed capacity limits on restaurants and bars without the approval of the state’s GOP-controlled Legislature.

It was the third time in the past year that the court rebuked Evers’ unilateral power grab during the pandemic.

The laughable thing about mask mandates is that supporters vehemently insist that masks work to deter viral spread.

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But if masks work, why have Democrats pushed to release convicted criminals from jail, citing concerns that inmates could get COVID-19?

Why not just give all the prisoners multiple face masks instead of releasing them into the general population, where they could potentially infect civilians and commit the same heinous crimes that landed them in jail in the first place?

In April 2020, a California prison released seven “high-risk sex offenders” — including a convicted child molester — due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus behind bars.

Shortly after they were released, four of the sex offenders were rearrested.

While the coronavirus is a health crisis for which everyone should take proper precautions, it will not be the last pandemic in history. There will be many others, just as there were countless others before COVID-19.

We cannot shut down society indefinitely every time a new virus comes around or until a bureaucrat (who gets paid whether his advice is right or wrong) says we can live normally again.

Moreover, there is no “pandemic exception” to our constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties.

The government derives its power from the people, pursuant to the “consent of the governed,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

No American consented to be locked down indefinitely, forced to wear masks everywhere and deprived of the right to work, worship or socialize freely with family and friends.

While Democrats and their media lapdogs demand that Americans wear masks, get vaccinated and obey arbitrary capacity limits for Fourth of July family barbecues, they gleefully invite armies of unmasked, unvaccinated illegal aliens to flood the country every day.

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