Baby Tiger Sent Express Mail in Plastic Tub, Found by Cops


The United Parcel Service (UPS) allows live animals to be shipped by mail. On the company’s website, they provide a detailed guideline on how to properly prepare for this kind of delivery.

These tips are notably related to the design and internal packaging of the container. For safe travel, UPS suggests that the creature is placed in a brand new ventilated box.

They also advise that the packaging ensures a secure environment for the animal, which may include adding “food, moisture, and temperature controls” to the inside of the container.

While this information may sound exciting, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to cats and dogs.

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In fact, any type of mammal, snake, crocodile, or venomous and threatening species is prohibited.

Live animal shipping in the U.S. is specifically made for most or all amphibians, fish, aquatic crustaceans, insects, lizards, and turtles.

Apparently, Mexico’s postal service has the same rules as well.

A recent video clip shared by Inside Edition captured one of the most peculiar packages. Someone had packed a tiger cub in a plastic tub and tried sending it by express mail.

The blue container was tightly sealed with strips of tape running across the lid. The packaging immediately raised a red flag and made cops question the item inside.

They brought out a sniffer dog to inspect the package, and that’s when cops found the tiger cub. It was highly sedated and lying on a bed of newspaper.

Officials quickly retrieved the feline to examine it. Although it was slightly “dehydrated from the experience,” it was determined to be a healthy cat.

All of the feline’s ownership paperwork was well documented, but the authorities refused to let the animal go.

Since the cub was found in a mail center, “the shipping method was considered animal mistreatment.”

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Instead, officials sent the tiny tiger to an animal rescue center, but no further update has been reported on its whereabouts. Sources also didn’t state if anyone was held accountable for the illegal act.

It’s just good to know that this young tiger didn’t have to endure such a terrifying trip cramped in a dark and lonely tub.

Officials did an excellent job identifying the problem and making sure this little furbaby was safe.

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